19 Jul 2018 11:44 AM +00:00 UTC

Adrianne Palicki Wants Mockingbird to Appear in Black Widow Movie

Now that the Black Widow movie is all but official, Marvel fans are looking forward to how the film depicts the character's tragic origin and if we will also see her post-Avengers 4 adventures in the present day. Fans of the comics are hoping some characters associated with the spy make appearances, like Hawkeye, Bucky, and Nick Fury but there is one former MCU actress who wants to return in the film; Adrianne Palicki, who Marvel fans recognize as the actress who portrayed Mockingbird.

Palicki played Bobby Morse for quite a while in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and was set to star in a new show called Marvel's Most Wanted. Unfortunately, ABC did not pick the show up and Mockingbird hasn't made an MCU appearance since.

When ComicBook.com wondered if Palicki would return to the role in the Black Widow movie, the actress posted a GIF of the character taking down some goons, showing that she's ready. The character does have some history with Natasha Romanov but her appearance isn't too likely since the movies don't acknowledge the ABC or Netflix shows.

To be fair, Palicki doesn't need this role. She is doing just fine with Seth MacFarlane's new Star Trek-inspired show The Orville. Still, it's nice knowing that Palicki is still interested in portraying the character.

Black Widow currently has no release date.

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