Adi Shankar on Why Netflix's Castlevania Should Win an Emmy

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Netflix's Castlevania has proven to be one of the best examples of mature anime, managing to have gory violence and fun writing. While the story itself isn't complicated, the way it manages to handle difficult themes like religion, at least in the first season, did sometimes make it a difficult watch. With fans hoping that the show gets an Emmy, series creator Adi Shankar shared his thoughts as to why it should get one.

As part of the effort to get the Emmy board to vote for the series, Shankar said that a vote for the series means we could get more prestigious adult animation down the line. Usually, when animated shows are made for adults they are comedies like Family Guy or The Simpsons. True, we get a Rick and Morty every now and then but people want a bit more, hence Castlevania.

With beautiful animation, great voice acting, and some fun writing, it's easy to see why the series has gained a huge fanbase. The series has made people want to play the games again, which is why Konami seriously needs to consider making a new Castlevania title. That or remake Symphony of the Night.


Good luck to Adi Shankar and Castlevania!

Fans can stream Netflix's Castlevania now. The first two seasons are available and a third is underway.

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