15 Jun 2017 6:10 PM +00:00 UTC

Adam West Completed His Voice Work For Batman Vs. Two-Face

Warner Bros. animation tried to give back life to the Adam West-style Batman with their release of Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders last year. A sequel was planned with the appearance of Two-Face, but with the sudden death of Adam West, fans were worried about what this meant for Batman vs. Two-Face. Well, there's good news.

According to io9, West was able to complete his work for the movie, and we'll be able to hear him voice Batman for the last time. Batman vs. Two-Face also has Star Trek veteran William Shatner voicing Harvey Dent, and it will be an amazing clash of two iconic figures from the 60s.

Originally, Two-Face never appeared in West's Batman series, so it would be an interesting take on the character that we've probably never seen before. I'm guessing we're going to get some elaborate traps based on the number 2 or things being split in half. I'm calling it—there'll be a scene where Batman and Robin are strapped down and a pendulum blade is lowered expecting to cut their bodies in half.

You have to admit, at 88-years-old, West was still a busy man. Sure he may not have been able to work on any big movies, but he has been doing some great voice work, playing the estranged mayor of Quahog in Family Guy, and a bunch of other fun characters in several animated movies. Pretty much like Mark Hamill after the original Star Wars ended.

There's still no release date for Batman vs. Two Face, but WBA is probably going to release it sometime late this year.


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