06 Mar 2020 4:17 PM +00:00 UTC

A Quiet Place Star John Krasinksi Would Jump in to Direct a Marvel Movie

It looks like The Office star John Krasinski isn't just interested in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Mr. Fantastic. The director and star of the hit science fiction horror movie A Quiet Place is also open to directing movies for Marvel, saying that he'd be eager to work for Marvel Studios.

Krasinski just recently spoke in an interview with ComicBook.com to help promote his upcoming film, A Quiet Place: Part II. During his discussion with the entertainment news outlet, the filmmaker was asked whether he would have any sort of interest in directing a film for Marvel if the opportunity presented itself to him.

Krasinski seems very, very open.


"Wow, that's a cool idea," the director told ComicBook.com writer Chris Killian, "It's so interesting because I'm such a huge fan of Marvel. I think they do their own... They have such a great formula. Yeah, I'd jump in there. In Kevin [Feige] I trust. That dude is not only the most talented guy but the nicest guy. Yeah, whatever he wants, we'd discuss it."

Krasinski has always been a huge Marvel fan. Some readers might not know, but The Office star actually once auditioned to play Captain America for the MCU. Though he lost the role to Chris Evans, fans would love the idea of having Krasinski in the franchise, if only to play Mr. Fantastic.

While we love hearing Krasinski's enthusiasm to direct for the MCU, this isn't the first time that the filmmaker said that he would love to helm a Marvel movie. He's told other members of the press more or less the same thing, saying that he'd be open to the idea.

Would you want to see Krasinski take on a Marvel movie? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Phase 4 of the MCU begins when Black Widow premieres on May 1, 2020.

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