A Girl & Her Guard Dog Anime Reveals October Release Date and Cast

A Girl & Her Guard Dog Release Date Isaku

A Girl & Her Guard Dog Release Date Isaku

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Age-gap romances may not exactly be popular with everyone, meaning shows in this genre are not as common. But fans of age-gap romance anime are in for a treat as A Girl & Her Guard Dog is an upcoming anime in the genre that’s coming this October.

To promote its upcoming premiere, the anime got a new key visual that highlights its leading man. Along with this, two new voice cast members were also revealed.

A Girl & Her Guard Dog Announces More Cast Members

A Girl & Her Guard Dog Keiya
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Previously, the two lead stars of A Girl & Her Guard Dog were revealed. For starters, the main character Isaku Senagaki is voiced by Akari Kitou, a VA that most anime fans should know.

Kitou is perhaps best known for voicing Nezuko in Demon Slayer, Erika Amano in A Couple of Cuckoos, Suzune Horikita in Classroom of the Elite, and Kaho Hinata in Blend S.

Joining Kitou is Yuuichirou Umehara as Keiya Utou. Umehara is another popular VA, with roles such as Seiya in Cautious Hero, the Goblin Slayer in Goblin Slayer, and Weather Report in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Now, two more VAs have been revealed as part of the cast. First is Junya Enoki as Mikio Tanuki, a classmate of Isaku.

Enoki is a well-known VA, having voiced characters such as Yuji Itadori in Jujutsu Kaisen, Naoya Mukai in Girlfriend, Girlfriend, and Nasa Yuzaki in Tonikawa.

Another new cast member is Mai Nakahara who is known as the VA of Rena Ryuuguu in Higurashi When They Cry and Nagisa Furukawa in Clannad. In this upcoming show, Nakahara voices Kaori Sekiya.

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Crunchyroll to Stream A Girl & Her Guard Dog in October

The Guard Dog in this anime’s title refers to Keiya, the 26-year-old guardian and loyal servant of 15-year-old Isaku. This is because Isaku is the granddaughter of a yakuza boss.

With Isaku entering high school, her ever-loyal bodyguard decides to enter high school as well to drive away boys that are interested in her.

Though underneath his bodyguard role, the loyal guard dog may also have feelings for Isaku.

This upcoming anime is being made by Project No.9, the studio behind another age-gap romance, Higehiro, as well as the office rom-com My Tiny Senpai.

A Girl & Her Guard Dog will be released this October, and it is also confirmed to stream on Crunchyroll in the US and other selected regions.

However, there’s currently no word yet on a specific release date.

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