A Beginner's Guide for Path of Exile Players to the TFT Trading Discord

What is the TFT Discord? 4
Credit: GGG

What is the TFT Discord? 4
Credit: GGG

Trading in Path of Exile can be quite the headache. For starters, if you aren't already using a third-party trading addon you're behind the curve and you'll have to head to the trading website to get anything done. Even then, oftentimes you'll be wanting to buy or sell something in bulk, or maybe even purchase a service. For all that, you'll want to go to the TFT PoE Discord server.

Not to worry, though, because in this article, we've got a beginner's guide for Path of Exile players to the TFT trading Discord.

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What is the TFT Discord?

What is the TFT Discord?
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Credit: GGG

To put it simply, if you're looking to buy or sell anything in bulk, you want to buy or sell a service, or you're looking to do specialty/high-value trading, you're going to need to head over to the TFT Discord server.

The server has support for different regions as well as both Standard and whatever the current League going on is (and, now, Ruthless plus Softcore and Hardcore support), so you'll reliably be able to handle your trading needs on TFT regardless of what you're playing or where.

In general, TFT is broken down into a few different categories: you've got Services that includes things like buying crafts, Labyrinth enchants, XP, hideouts, and more. Then, you've got Trades where you can exchange items with a barter system rather than paying with currency.

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Then, you have bulk selling and bulk buying. If you're looking to sell something, you can post about what you're offering in bulk selling, while you can also check bulk buying to see what people looking to buy and contact the relevant player directly if you'd like.

There are also channels for reporting scammers and bad behavior as well as a place to vouch for people you've done good trades with so others can know they're a reliable trading partner. There are other channels, too, but in general, the above ones are those you're most likely to spend your time in.

How to Use the TFT Discord

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Credit: GGG

In general, if you're looking to buy something, you're usually better off not posting in the bulk buying channel until you've looked around to see if someone has posted what you're looking for in the selling channel.

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Of course, though, if you're looking for something really specific and you're willing to pay a good, premium price for it, posting in the buying channel is always an option. However, most of the action will be found in the selling channel.

If you're looking for something, finding the appropriate selling channel, like the maps channel, and then searching within that channel for what you're looking for is your best bet. Generally, you can scroll up quite a lot for offers, as folks can clutter up the channel with repeat offers, and even if it's been a few hours since somebody posted, they may well still be down to trade.

When buying anything in bulk, you have to keep in mind a few important concepts, though. In the real world, buying in bulk means you'll be paying a higher upfront cost for a large amount of volume but you'll be getting a discount on the individual price of an item.

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This isn't necessarily the case with TFT. Oftentimes, buying a lot of something individually can be exceptionally tedious, so you will find people charging more for things individually in bulk than you find people charging for those same items individually off the normal trading site.

In general, it's best to check the trading site to find out the baseline price of an item you're looking to trade for, because if someone is charging significantly more on a per-item basis than that item is trading for on the trade site, you may well want to find a different seller or simply use the trade site.

You can routinely find great deals on TFT, but this usually requires a little patience and a little research. The latest offer for bulk selling maps, for example, may be asking you for 6c per map, but you may well find someone charging 2c per map if you scroll up a little or do a little waiting.

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Tips and Tricks for the TFT Discord

What is the TFT Discord? 3
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Credit: GGG

First up, if you're buying maps in bulk you'll see people regularly selling random maps, not specific ones. However, if you simply message them and ask if they're willing to sell you specific maps, there's a good chance they'll agree or agree if you're willing to pay a premium.

Furthermore, if you are buying specific maps, make sure you check each map in the trade window before you accept because some cheeky gamers out there may well try to slide in maps you didn't agree to in order to make a quick buck. Of course, you're within your rights to report this kind of behavior.

If you're looking for XP, 5ways are the way to go. And if you're interested in a 5way, you'll need to make sure you come with Chaos resistance. Sometimes, the host will offer up Chaos rings or flasks, but not always. In these maps, the primary form of damage is Chaos, so as long as you have a good Chaos resistance, you won't need to worry about dying.

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Lastly, if you message someone on Discord and you don't hear back, consider checking their post to see if they provided their in-game name. Some people don't check Discord that often and prefer to do business in-game.

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