VALORANT: How to Hide Account Level

The account level in VALORANT lets players show off their experience, letting teammates and opponents know how much experience they have in the game. However, some players would rather hide this information since it could lead teammates expecting low-level players to perform badly or assume they're smurfs. However, players can now hide their account levels, and it's pretty simple and can be toggled with ease.

VALORANT players can earn Account Points by playing any more in the game. You can also get bonus points after your first win of the day in addition to other daily objectives. Long and harder matches reward more Account Points as well, so playing ranked matches can help you level up more quickly thank playing Unranked, Deathmatch, and other modes. For every 5,000 Account Points you earn, you can unlock a new level border, and you can earn new border styles every 20 levels.

VALORANT account level
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VALORANT account level

To hide your account level in VALORANT, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Collection menu
  2. Click the level borders option next to banners to bring up the account level menu.
  3. Once you're in the menu, you can select any of the account level borders you've unlocked or disable the option "Show my account level on my player card".
  4. Uncheck this box to hide your VALORANT account level.

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Note that this option doesn't have an effect on your matchmaking experience, but other players won't see your account level. While this doesn't have any huge impact in the game, some players prefer seeing the experience levels of their teammates before a match begins. Of course, you can always enable this option if you want to show off your level. Smurfs with low-level accounts would probably want to show off their low levels as well to make their opponents think that they're newbs.

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