Money Heist Season 5 Vol. 2 Trailer Released by Netflix

Netflix has released the full-length trailer for Money Heist (known as La Casa de Papel to Spanish-speaking viewers) Season 5, Volume 2 — the final five episodes of the series. In the trailer, the Professor (played by Alvaro Morte) looks haunted by his actions and fallout, while his heist team and special forces prepare for an all-out war inside the Royal Mint of Spain.

Watch the full trailer for Money Heist Season 5, Vol. 2 here:

It looks like hope is slim for the Professor and his crew following Tokyo's death in the finale of Season 5, Volume 1. The most chilling footage revealed here is when the Professor arrives in the Royal Mint of Spain. There's also footage showing the police forces in the sewers, which is probably located close to the Professor's current hideout. It's clear that the heist team are in desperate mode as we see them struggle against the special forces. Sadly, it looks like they will surrender, but is there a way for them to escape with the gold and survive?

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There are also glimpses of the gone-rogue police inspector Alicia Sierra but it's unclear what role she'll play following the unexpected events of Money Heist Season 5, Vol. 1. Will she still go after taking down the Professor and his heist crew or will he help them accomplish their mission?

Let's not forget about Berlin's son, Rafael (Patrick Criado), who seems to play an important role in the final season as flashbacks of him were shown in Vol. 1. Could he be the key to win this war?

Money Heist Season 5, Volume 1 is set to release on Netflix in December 3. For more details about the final season, including the cast, plot, and more information, check out our hub here.

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