8-Years-Old Magic: The Gathering Player Dana Fischer Becomes The Youngest Person To Make Day 2 of A Grand Prix

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast

MagicFest Los Angeles is happening this weekend, and at the Grand Prix, eight-years-old Magic: The Gathering player Dana Fischer has become the youngest player to make it Day 2 of the high-level tournament. Dana, who's known for her Nissa planeswalker player and her elf deck, wins the final match of Day 1, and you can watch the clip below:

As you can see in the clip above, Dana is using her Modern elf deck that she's a master of. Making Day 2 of a Magic Grand Prix is not easy: a player has to have at least 18 match points (at least 6 wins out of 8 rounds) in Day 1 to qualify to the next day, and on the eighth round of Day 1, she managed to beat her opponent to help her get her sixth win and make it to Day 2.

Wizards of the Coast/ Youtube screenshot

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Last year, Wizards of the Coast released an Enter the Battlefield documentary featuring Dana Fischer, and in that video, she said that her goal was to become the youngest Magic player to make it Day 2, and now, she has accomplished her goal!

Check out her Enter the Battlefield video:

If Dana keeps this up, she will surely have a lot of Top 8's under her belt and she could potentially become the youngest player to Top 8 a Grand Prix or a Mythic Championship. Congrats, Dana!

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