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8 Epic Moments in Peacemaker Final Season 1 Episode

With each episode, Peacemaker gets better and better. Now that we are at the last one, we have also reached the best episode. To prove that it is the best, this episode has the most epic moments from the rest of the pack. Some of these moments even eclipse all the moments in some of the episodes.

With the announcement of a season 2 and with James Gunn directing and writing all of the episodes in season 2, the peace will only get better.


  1. Activate Sonic Boom

    The squad's plan to defeat the Butterflies is for Economos to infiltrate the barn headquarters disguised as one of them and kill the Cow underneath. Economos needs to put Peacemaker's helmet inside the barn, a helmet that can create giant sonic booms through voice commands. They have attached a comlink inside, so the team can activate it remotely by a voice from a distance.

    Economos has successfully put the helmet inside the barn, but as he is trying to leave the barn, the helmet has been spotted by the Butterflies. So Economos runs away fast as an army of Butterflies goes after him.

    The thrill of this chase is very high. As the Butterflies get a hold of Economos like the Butterflies are a bunch of zombies out for flesh, Economos is about to die.

    Then the rest of the team activates the sonic boom, causing a giant explosion, destroying the barn. When the Butterflies going after Economos sees the explosion, they all leave Economos alone to get back to the barn,

    Once they are all in the barn again, the team activates another sonic boom, killing a huge number of them. Then the team activates a sonic boom again, then again, until the helmet runs out of juice.

    It did not kill the cow underneath, but it sure destroyed the equipment to sustain it, and also teleport it.

  2. War with the Butterflies

    While the Butterflies are still confused and weakened from the sonic booms, Peacemaker, Vigilante, and Harcourt, charges at them to kill as many of them as possible.

    It is like the third act of an Avengers movie, where the team gets to showcase their unity and teamwork over a number of enemies. Except with a TV budget, that makes up for it with charming and expert scrappy filmmaking, while also being more bloody and brutal than any Avengers movie can dream of.

    The highlight is the things Peacemaker can do with his shield. It is like he is an R-Rated Captain America. There is even a part where he does a combo as he shoots the shield in the air with his gun, forcing the shield to get jammed into one of the Butterflies.

  3. Adebayo to the Rescue

    When Peacemaker, Harcourt, and Vigilante charged at the Butterflies, all of them are in some degree of injury. But Harcourt has it worst with multiple gunshots and is about to die. When Adebayo sees her dying, she disobeys orders not to get involved in the fight.

    She charges in, guns blazing, killing Butterflies with every shot. Adebayo saves Harcourt from being possessed by a Butterfly that was about to enter her throat, by grabbing it, and pulling it out before it enters inside. The pulling of the Butterfly really looks like it hurts Harcourt's throat, too.

    Adebayo is right, she is made for this sh@#. After saving Harcourt, Economos gives her Peacemaker's Human Torpedo helmet, and she enters the barn - She makes it look good.

  4. Be The Peacemaker

    Here we learn the twist of what exactly is the Butterflies up to. Because of the twist, we also have the pay-off of Peacemaker's character arc. Goff(Head Butterfly) tries to convince Peacemaker to take their side and teleport The Cow. To do it Goff tells Chris what their motivation is to rule the world.

    Peacemaker started out the season having an existential crisis on his vow to kill anyone in the name of peace, doubting himself thinking that maybe killing people is not the right way to get it.

    So why are the Butterflies trying to dominate the world? Because they made a vow. A vow that they would do anything they could to change humanity's future. A vow to make the choices that we are incapable to do on our own. To save humanity no matter how many lives it cost. Sounds familiar?

    As Peacemaker listens to Goff you can see in his eyes, that he knows he is no different from the Butterflies. It hits him hard just how sick and terrible he is as a person who kills people in the name of something good. It took looking at a crazy supervillain just for him to realize he is a crazy supervillain.

    Goff then touches Peacemaker's face with complete understanding and care for him. She thanks him for being kind to her, feeding her, and talking to her when she was captured and in a jar. She tells him, she sees who Peacemaker is. She asks him to fulfill his calling - "Be The Peacemaker."

    In this important moment, Peacemaker answers by activating human torpedo. See, Adebayo is just nearby, wearing Peacemaker's helmet that makes the wearer a human torpedo. When Peacemaker activates it through voice command, Adebayo is hurled fast like a bullet, into the Cow, instantly killing it and any chance the Butterflies have in surviving.

    Peacemaker apologizes to Goff, and then shoots her in the chest. From what it looks like, he intentionally did not shoot her on the head, so that Goff would survive.

    It took Peacemaker 8 episodes to make him a half-decent human being.

  5. A Famous Superhero Team Arrives Late

    As the team march on side by side like in any superhero team movie, The Justice League suddenly arrives in front of them, dramatically covered by night fog, and in heroic silhouette.

    Peacemaker complains to them that they are late. Then tells Aquaman off that he should return f@#ing fishes. It turns out, Aquaman is not played by some unknown extra who just needs to look like Jason Momoa, but the actual Jason Momoa. He tells The Flash that he is so f@#ing sick of the rumor that he is f@#s fish. The Flash, who is also revealed to be played by Ezra Miller, responds that it is not a rumor. Aquaman tells The Flash to f@# himself.

    This must be the only moment in history where we will ever hear Aquaman consistently say the F-word. Cherish it with all your heart while you can.

  6. BFFs

    Now that the mission is over, Peacemaker asks Adebayo if he did the right thing stopping the Butterflies, as it might mean humanity is now doomed. Adebayo replies she does not know. But it is possible that it just means he gave humanity their own choices, instead of their bug overlords.

    Adebayo tries again to apologize to Peacemaker about her betrayal, and Chris finally forgives him. He then does one better. In a touching moment, Peacemaker tells Adebayo not to tell Vigilante, but after Eagly, she is his BFF.

    Adebayo is so touched, she is on the verge of crying.

  7. The Press Conference

    What no one sees coming, is a scene where Adebayo stands in front of the press, exposing the top-secret butterfly mission and exposing the operations of Task Force X. We see Peacemaker, watching the TV, surprised but proud of Adebayo for doing this. In one swell swoop, Adebayo exposed her mother's wrongdoings and redeemed Peacemaker and Vigilante in the eyes of the law.

    The cherry on the cake is a cameo of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, watching the TV in complete shock at what her daughter is doing.

  8. The Touching Epilogue Montage

    Season 1 ends on a high note with a touching epilogue montage. Each new scene is more touching than the last, which makes it such a satisfying ending.

    We see Harcourt just awoken from her mission injury as she tears up at the thought that Peacemaker has been in the waiting room the whole time she was unconscious and asks him to hold her hand.

    We see Adebayo reuniting with her wife with a smile on her face and then the couple kissing.

    We see Economos return to his position in Belle Reve Penitentiary, revealing that his office is one dark and lonely place. But at least now he has a framed picture of him and the team having fun.

    We see Peacemaker and Vigilante return to their fun activity of blowing things up, and their friendship stronger than ever.

    We see Harcourt trying to walk again in her rehabilitation at the hospital. Unlike the start of the season, when she never smiles, now she is nothing but smiles.

    Lastly, we see Peacemaker and Goff still friends despite all the things they have gone through. Just as Peacemaker thinks he has woken up to a brand new day where all his troubles are gone, a hallucination of his father sits right beside him, wearing a sinister smile.

    See you next season.

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