7 New Things We Learned From The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

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Last night, the first full trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi dropped during ESPN’s Monday Night Football, sending fans from here to the outer rim into an absolute frenzy. Naturally, much like the teaser trailer we got back in April, this raised a number of questions about the upcoming film, but it also gave us plenty new information to help shed some light on the mysteries surrounding the eighth chapter in the Star Wars saga. Here are 7 new things we learned from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer:

  1. Luke Accepts The Lightsaber

    The Force Awakens ended on arguably the biggest cliffhanger in the Star Wars franchise, with The Empire Strikes Back coming in at a close second. When Rey pulls the lightsaber we first saw in A New Hope from her satchel and extends her arm towards a much older Luke Skywalker than we remember, with John Williams’ mesmerizing score playing in the background, it’s a moment that feels like it lasts an eternity. Then, just like that, the film unceremoniously comes to a close. However, in the new trailer for The Last Jedi, we see that Luke does, in fact, accept his long-lost Jedi weapon from the young newcomer, though it’s more likely than not that he’ll end up giving it to her to keep. After all, director Rian Johnson already confirmed that the classic blue-bladed saber is now Rey’s lightsaber, so while it’s great to see Luke once again hold the weapon he lost in Cloud City, don’t expect him to keep it for himself.

  2. The First Order Is Still Packing Some Serious Heat

    While the First Order possessed a weapon that put the Death Star to shame in the form of the Starkiller base, its ultimate destruction at the end of The Force Awakens seemed to indicate that the Resistance managed to level the playing field. However, as we see in the new trailer, the First Order has plenty more tricks up their sleeve, such as the towering Gorilla Walkers that make the AT-ATs look like Luke’s old landspeeder. Additionally, we get some shots of Kylo Ren flying his sleek, new TIE Silencer, and even the traditional TIE Fighters still seem to be able to hold their own weight in the intergalactic dogfights.

  3. Luke Likens Rey’s Power To Kylo Ren’s

    "I've seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.” Those are the chilling words we hear from Luke, referring to Rey’s incredible Force abilities that we see cause a seismic shift in the rocky cliffs of Ahch-To. As he says this, Luke’s words are intercut with a flashback of the destruction of the New Jedi Temple, which we know was dismantled by Kylo Ren following his betrayal and subsequent elimination of Luke’s New Jedi Order. Clearly Luke sees something in Rey that evokes painful memories of his former pupil, and it’s only natural that this would cause him to exercise caution when it comes to training anyone else in the ways of the Force.

  4. Kylo Ren Contemplates Killing Leia

    After the tragic loss of Carrie Fisher last year, we all knew that her real-life death would somehow be translated to the fate of Leia Organa on the big-screen, as recasting would likely have been met with massive backlash by fans still mourning the loss of the actress. From what we see in the trailer, it seems as though that cruel fate could be dealt by her own son, who – mind you – is fresh off of killing his father Han Solo in The Force Awakens. However, despite how grim Leia’s outlook appears, this could very well be a bit of misdirection, courtesy of some clever editing. Then again, Kylo’s lines about shedding the past by killing it are a bit too on the nose, so while he might not actually kill Leia, it’s safe to say he at least considers it.

  5. Finn And Phasma Will Attempt To Settle Their Differences

    The two biggest sticking points from The Force Awakens’ marketing campaign were the lack of Luke Skywalker and the abundance of the chrome-clad Stormtrooper Captain Phasma. However, by the time film arrived, we learned that neither character had a significant role, with Luke getting no more than one minute of screen time and Phasma getting dumped in a trash compactor off-screen. In The Last Jedi, not only does it appear that Phasma will have a larger presence, but she’ll also face off against her former subordinate Finn in what could end up being the greatest non-lightsaber battle in the Star Wars saga. What’s more, this could also be the scene where we finally witness Phasma unmasked, which Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo said will take place at some point in The Last Jedi.

  6. Rey Will Come Face To Face With Snoke

    When we got The Last Jedi teaser trailer back in April, our only shots of Rey seemed to be from Ahch-To, leaving fans speculating as to whether or not she and Snoke would meet in the flesh in the upcoming film. In the new trailer, we learn that not only will they come face to face, but that there will be some sort of altercation between the two. When Snoke makes his appearance towards the end of the trailer, we see him getting the upper-hand on Rey, who’s left in a precarious position as the Supreme Leader unleashes the full power of the Force on our helpless hero. Based on Snoke’s remarks about Rey fulfilling her destiny, could he be attempting to turn her to the dark side? Well, the very next scene sure lends credence to that theory…

  7. Rey Might Turn To Kylo Ren For Guidance

    In the final moments of the trailer, we hear a visibly frustrated Rey say, “I need someone to show me my place in all this.” The scene then immediately cuts to Kylo Ren, who looks sternly at Rey before extending his hand, seemingly as a show of support. Again, clever editing could very well be at play here, but one still can’t help but wonder what could possess Rey to turn to the man she watched slaughter her mentor and surrogate father-figure Han Solo in The Force Awakens. Unfortunately, we’ll likely have to wait until The Last Jedi hits theaters before we get any answers.