52 Dresden Files Images Only Fans Would Get

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Dresden Art by Ardian Syaf

If you're a Dresden Files fan, you know that Harry Dresden is the coolest wizard of all time. And if you're a true fan, you'll definitely get this collection of images: memes, quotes, and other references that readers of Jim Butcher's series would know. Check them out and let us know which of these you love best.

  1. Harry Dresden vs. Harry Potter

  2. Fuego My Eggo!

  3. What People Think of Harry Dresden

  4. Jim Butcher's Coffee is Sweetened by Readers' Tears

  5. Thomas Raith = More Masculine Than Edward Cullen

  6. If you know friends who love the Harry Potter series, show them The Dresden Files series

  7. Michael Bay got some ideas from The Dresden Files

  8. Molly Carpenter is a Planeswalker!

  9. House Dresden!

  10. Dresden = More Mature Than Potter

  11. Dresden is a Badass!

  12. Likest Thou Jelly Within Thy Doughnut?

  13. Keep Calm and Reanimate A Dinosaur

  14. Cool Stitch! Quote from 'Storm Front' by Jim Butcher

  15. Murry & Dresden Never Had Sex! Why?

  16. 'Cold Days' Star Wars Mash-Up Cover

  17. House Carpenter

  18. Dresden Loves To Blow Stuff Up

  19. Dresden Loves Burger King

  20. Dresden Files fans felt this way before.

  21. Keep Calm and Stay Inside The Salt Circle

  22. Just like Mouse, Dresden's Dog

  23. Dresden's Weapon of Choice

  24. Dresden loves to cast fire spells!

  25. Dresden is More Badass Than The Wizards From The Past

  26. If you've read

  27. Gotta Multiclass like Dresden and Gandalf

  28. Keep Calm and Polka Will Never Die

  29. Hell's Bells!

  30. Dresden Bribes Fairies With Pizza!

  31. Want to go to Wizard School?

  32. Another House Dresden Sigil Banner - Game of Thrones Styler

  33. Trying to Summon An Internet Question? I think Dresden Will Fail This One

  34. There's a Dresden Files TV Series? Facepalm!

  35. McAnnaly's is The Real Deal

  36. Nathan Fillion as Harry Dresden

  37. McCoy vs. Kincaid. Fight!

  38. The Best Opener Ever:

  39. Butcher > Meyer

  40. Nicholas Cage Ripped Off 'Dresden Files' in 'The Sorcerrer's Apprentice'

  41. Another Dresden Magic The Gathering Card

  42. Stars and Stones! That's a really good question

  43. Keep Calm and Ask Bob

  44. The TV Show's Harry Dresden Loves Shiny Objects!

  45. Just like Molly Carpenter

  46. Just A Typical Day in Harry Dresden's Life

  47. Harry Dresden & Harry Potter - The Ultimate Wizard Duo

  48. Dresden Can Simply Walk Into Mordor

  49. When Dresden Fans Shop...

  50. The Essence of Sci-Fi

  51. Harry Dresden's Business Card