6 Things We Need to Have in Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut


It’s no mystery that the theatrical cut of Justice League directed by Joss Whedon was a dumpster fire, and it was so bad that it ended up derailing the entire DCEU. What’s great is, Warner Bros. is giving Zack Snyder a second chance with the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max next year; and though we don’t have any official details, here’s a list of things that fans expect to see in the movie (or series, should HBO decide to put it out that way).

  1. Original Score from Junkie XL a.k.a. Tom Holkenborg

    Hans Zimmer had stepped in to do a fantastic new theme for Man of Steel, and come Batman v Superman, Zimmer had brought in composer Junkie XL/Tom Holkenborg to work with him, with the intention that Holkenborg would be the sole composer for the Justice League movie.



    When Whedon took over for the film though, he had brought in Danny Elfman in the last minute to provide the music, and though I’m sure that Elfman is an accomplished composer in his own right, his score just didn’t sit the same way as the ones that came before; never mind that he also chose to bring back motifs from previous versions of characters like Christopher Reeves Superman as well as his own Batman theme.



    Hopefully, with the Snyder Cut, we get to listen to Holkenborg’s original music for the film, complete with Batman’s new dark theme from BvS as well as Superman’s solid new motif from Man of Steel.

  2. Steppenwolf’s Original Design

    The ultimate edition of Batman v Superman is the only right way to watch that movie, and near the end, we get to see Lex Luthor having his talk with Steppenwolf about Mother Boxes. Apparently, the original design of Steppenwolf for Justice League was supposed to be closer to that, but somehow they changed it for the theatrical cut of the film.



    Word has it that WB wanted to make the movie more marketable for children, hence they changed his design to be less scary. In the end, it resulted in one of the most forgettable CG villains in comic book movie history. Even actor Ciaran Hinds was said not to have been pleased with the final product of his performance.

    With the Snyder Cut, fans are hoping that we get the original look of Steppenwolf back, as well as more of his backstory with the Mother Boxes.

  3. More Green Lanterns

    While we do see one Green Lantern in the battle with Steppenwolf and the armies of Earth, it was said that we were supposed to get more GLs in the film. Word has it that Lanterns Kilowog and Tomar-Re would appear to Bruce Wayne after their fight with Steppenwolf, and that would build into the Lanterns being a major part in the second movie.



    We don’t have any official confirmation of this scene, but the best we have is a VFX artist who had revealed it on Reddit. Then again, it lines up with Kevin Smith’s supposed hearsay about the original plans for the Justice League trilogy.

    While I’m fine if the Lanterns won’t appear, it would be great to see what Snyder had planned for the color-based space police.

  4. Martian Manhunter

    When Zack Snyder was just teasing us about his cut of the film before any deals with HBO Max, he had revealed that he planned for Harry Lennix’s General Swanwick to be J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter in disguise. This would actually make sense for the character, since Lennix had been keeping an eye on Superman since Man of Steel.

    Re: Justice League and the Snyder cut... Things don't Just happen--things happen Just. pic.twitter.com/vcTD2D0Z5p
    — Harry J. Lennix (@HarryJLennix)
    May 22, 2020

    So far it’s said that Lennix was not able to shoot this part of the film, but no doubt Snyder will find a way to bring him in, just for that one shot. After all, Lennix himself is very enthusiastic about the return. I mean, while I don’t expect him to fly around and fight with the League, it’s still very cool to have a status as a League member; and J’onn was considered to be the ‘heart’ of the team at some point.

  5. Black Suit Superman

    If there were any botched performances in Justice League, it was definitely that of Henry Cavill’s Superman. Besides the god-awful CGI upper lip, Superman’s scenes were said to have been mostly reshot to make him more “chummy” and optimistic.

    Besides all that, it was also said that Superman would be donning the black suit from the comics, but it’s something we never got to see in the movie. A deleted scene had shown the black suit behind Clark, but it was said that he wouldn’t actually wear it.

    Enter Zack Snyder who had shared Cavill in the black suit on Vero, confirming that he does wear it at some point. We don’t know exactly when that happens, but it would be great if we got to see Superman in something other than the classic blue and red.

  6. Cyborg’s Proper Backstory

    Justice League was meant to be a pseudo-origin story for the likes of Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, and Cyborg’s story mostly left on the cutting room floor when WB demanded that the film be cut into less than two hours.

    With Zack Snyder’s Justice League, we should get the full story of Victor Stone and his origin with the Mother Boxes. We know that there’s a scene with Victor playing football before he gets into his accident, and it was said that he was the one giving us the intel on the war with Steppenwolf — seeing as he was brought back to life by a Mother Box, feeding him that information.

    Being one of the youngest members of the League, Cyborg was said to be the ‘heart’ of the team, but come the theatrical cut, he was merely in the sidelines. Fingers crossed when this comes out, all the characters get their proper treatment, and we get the movie that Snyder and his team were set out to make.

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