6 Reasons Why You Have To Respect Michael Bay - Video

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Director Michael Bay's Transformers franchise may be a huge success in the global box office, but that doesn't stop critics and haters from despising him for his sometimes abrasive personality and various stories about how he poorly treats people on his sets, and his mindless and explosive action sequences. 

Cinefix just released a video breaking down why you people should respect Michael Bay, so if you're a fan of cinema, you'd probably appreciate Bay's filmmaking style more. They also pointed out how Bay helped launch the careers of some of today's biggest Hollywood stars, as well as risk his own money to produce bigger action scenes because the studio didn't give him enough funding. His technical skills and impressive attention to details also make him a respectable filmmaker. This video makes some valid points, but they failed to include footage from one of Bay's best films, The Island. That movie rocks, and I respect him for making that. Check out the video below: 

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