6 Magic: The Gathering Cards Banned & 4 Unbanned in New Banned & Restricted Announcement

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Image: Wizards of the Coast/ Illustrated by Jaime Jones

While earlier's banned & restricted announcement didn't make any changes, the 1v1 Commander update today announced the bans of 6 cards and unbans of 4 cards. The cards banned were mostly one-mana cost tutor cards like Worldly Tutor and mana accelerants like Chrome Mox and Ancient Tomb.

Check out the full list of bans and unbans below:

Edgar Markov
Chrome Mox
Ancient Tomb
Mox Diamond
Winter Orb
Sylvan Library
Worldly Tutor
Sylvan Tutor
Protean Hulk
Mishra's Workshop
Bazaar of Baghdad

According to Wizardsmtgo, Edgar Markov was banned because of its dominant power tied in specifically to the eminence ability.

Sylvan Library was banned because it was often cited as extremely difficult to beat in a format with 30 starting life.

Winter Orb ruins the fun by shutting down the game as soon as it's cast.

Here's the explanation for the unbannings:

The unbans are primarily aimed at opening up new space for deck building without adding to the already-strong decks. As the format has primarily hinged around board presence and mana efficiency, these four cards are aimed at opening up space to do larger, splashier things in very different ways.

Hopefully, these changes will make 1V1 Commander more balanced and fun.

What do you think about these changes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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