55 Annotated Images From The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

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Last night, the first full trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released, much to the delight of millions of fans from all across the galaxy. In it, we get a look at Rey’s training under Luke Skywalker, some amazing space battles, and plenty of tantalizing teases regarding the fate of our favorite characters.

We have collected 55 images from the trailer, highlighting key pieces of the footage in sequential order to give you a closer look at what you can expect from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. See them below:

  1. Interesting that we open with a shot of Kylo Ren

  2. Those Gorilla Walkers are incredible!

  3. Kylo and his troops arriving on Crait

  4. Is he being reprimanded by Snoke?

  5. Don't want to lose that

  6. Beautiful parallels in the transition from Kylo and Rey

  7. Picking up right where TFA leaves off

  8. Notice the blaster mark from Return of the Jedi?

  9. Reunited and it feels so good

  10. Searching for the Force Tree?

  11. What do you think is in these books?

  12. Precariously perched practice sessions

  13. Perfectly executed control

  14. Rey's power at this stage in the game is genuinely amazing

  15. Mark Hamill really sells this moment

  16. Not a new shot, but still beautiful

  17. Napping on the job

  18. Have we ever seen this kind of range from Hamill?

  19. Evokes memories of Terminator 2, no?

  20. Another oldie-but-goodie

  21. It's going to be nice to see Kylo Ren evolve as a character

  22. Force band-aids -- much stronger than normal band-aids

  23. Maybe he'll evolve beyond the point of tantrums

  24. Stormtroopers might be terrible shots, but TIE Fighter pilots seem to know what they're doing

  25. Kylo's TIE Interceptor is ultra sleek

  26. If ever there was a time to wear that helmet, surely it's while flying

  27. The cinematography is stunning

  28. This definitely pulls on the heartstrings

  29. This is just misdirection, right?

  30. This isn't how she's going out, is it?

  31. Not like this, Kylo

  32. Our first shot of the Falcon

  33. Didn't Chewbacca look so much better in the Original Trilogy?

  34. Fine, you win, Lucasfilm... this is adorable...

  35. Probably not the view he was hoping for

  36. Something about Oscar Isaac's eyes...

  37. Just look at them...

  38. Think they'll address how she escaped the trash compactor?

  39. This ought to be good

  40. Here's hoping we get more Phasma this time around

  41. The space battles definitely look incredible

  42. Our first shot of BB-8

  43. Is Luke talking to Rey, or the audience?


  45. Is this symbolism for Leia's involvement in the Star Wars franchise?

  46. What creature did that skull come from?

  47. Harkening back to Luke's Dagobah vision?

  48. Infiltrator or prisoner?

  49. Well, the First Order definitely has the numbers

  50. This looks like it could rival the Battle of Hoth

  51. Good Lord, Snoke is terrifying

  52. Well, that answers the question of whether or not Rey will come face to face with Snoke

  53. I need someone to show me my place in all this

  54. Anyone else?

  55. Hmmm... guess not