5 Most Epic Moments in The Book of Boba Fett Season 1 Chapter 6

Credit: Disney+

Credit: Disney+

The last episode is a week away, yet instead of spending time with Boba Fett, we are spending it with returning old faces from different Star Wars properties. On one hand, the title of the series is The Book of Boba Fett. On the other hand, Not spending time with the hero does not mean it is turning out bad. In fact, all of the scenes here are sparkling gold.

In a way, it is honoring Boba Fett's humble roots - In that, he always never had screen time, and when he did, he was always in the background standing still in silence.

Let's revisit some old faces as we look at the most epic moments of the episode.

  1. The Marshal Returns

    The episode starts immediately gripping as some of the Pykes are doing suspicious spice-related activities in the deserts of Mos Pelgo. Then making his Star Wars return is Timothy Olyphant as Marshal Cobb Vanth, who warns the Pykes that they are in Mos Pelgo territory and anyone who gets lost running spice in Mos Pelgo will be lost forever.

    Like a Sheriff in a Western movie, The Marshal's fingers are near the trigger of his blaster, ready to shoot the Pykes the moment they make trouble. The Pykes tries to draw their blasters, but The Marshal out draws them and instantly kills them except for one lone Pyke who did not try to shoot. He tells him he can leave as long as he warns the Syndicate not to return.

    The Marshal confiscates the chest the Pykes were holding, considered as a fine for trespassing.

    Once the Pyke leaves, it is revealed that the chest holds spice, a substance worth more than Mos Pelgo. Instead of keeping it, The Marshal leaves the chest open in the desert for the spice to be lost flying with the breeze of the sands.

    This moment instantly reminds us that Marshal Cobb Vanth is a protective man who will do anything for the people of his town to the point of choosing them over greed and that he is also a total badass.

  2. Luke Skywalker Trains Grogu

    No one thought we would ever see Luke Skywalker in any clear visual again in these Disney+ series', but here he is with multiple scenes, training Grogu in the way of the force. The de-aging technology used to transform Mark Hamill to his Return of the Jedi youth has also improved. It is still not perfect, but he can now participate in scenes where we can believe him as an actual person instead of just an effect.

    It is also nice to see the return of Grogu. No one also knew we would see details of his Jedi training, but here he is doing bigger movements than we ever saw this little puppet/CGI has ever done before. It is satisfying seeing him in an environment of peace instead of danger and improving his skills as a Jedi.

    Grogu and Luke have a great rapport. Something akin to a flipside from Luke and Yoda. When back then Luke was but a learner, now he is the master training a baby version of Yoda.

    To homage Empire Strikes Back, we even get to see Luke running through the forest with Grogu on his back, the same way he was running with Yod on his back in the past. Like poetry, it rhymes.

  3. Ashoka Returns

    Just when we thought we have reached the quota of fan service, Ashoka appears in front of Din Djarin. Ashoka tells Din Djarin that he is here with Luke because he is a sort of a family friend. Anyone who knows the lore knows that Ashoka was once Anakin Skywalker's padawan and Luke's senior.

    It is mostly a scene of catching up between the two as Din Djarin asks questions about when he can see Grogu. We learn that while Ashoka does not approve of Grogu's training, she cannot stop Luke if he wants to train Grogu.

    Both of them see Luke and Grogu training from the distance, but Ashoka warns Din that seeing him now will only make it harder for Grogu. We can feel the care Din has for Grogu by his voice and reluctance to leave without catching up with his son, but because he is trying to respect the Jedi ways, Din leaves anyway, requesting Ashoka to give his gift to Grogu.

    As Din leaves with his ship, we see Grogu looking at it from a distance as it flies away.

  4. Another Fan-Favorite Returns

    This episode just keeps on giving. No one thought we would see Luke again, but here he is. No one thought we would see Grogu so soon, but here he is. No one thought we would see Ashoka so soon, but here she is. Just when we thought that is enough, Star Wars: Clone Wars fan-favorite bounty hunter Cad Bane makes his live-action debut complete with the menacing voice of Corey Burton.

    At first, he is merely a silhouette walking from the horizon. We hope that this enigmatic figure is Cad Bane but we cannot be sure. We see the hat, half of his face, and the voice, and our wildest dreams just got confirmed. We await the whole face reveal, and once it is revealed, he looks intimidating, with those bright red eyes and monstrous teeth.

    He threatens The Marshal not to get involved with the Pykes, and like the Westerns of old, we have ourselves a good old-fashioned Mexican standoff. Cad Bane shoots the Marshal and the deputy. He warns the town of Mos Pelgo once again and then he is off. What an entrance.

  5. Lone Luke and Cub

    The Book of Boba Fett is wearing its samurai film history on its sleeves here as it homages Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance. Where in the classic and Iconic samurai film, master swordsman Ogami Ittō gives his infant son, Diagoro a choice between a ball or a sword, here Luke gives Grogu a choice between Din Djarin's beskar chainmail armor gift, or Master Yoda's lightsaber.

    If Grogo chooses the chainmail armor, it means he chooses to return to Din Djarin. if he chooses Yoda's lightsaber, it means Grogu will be Luke's first student as a Jedi and Grogu will never see Din Djarin again. As we see Grogu's wide-eyed face, we go to closing credits.

    Choose wisely, Little Grogu.

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