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5 Most Epic Moments in The Book of Boba Fett Season 1 Chapter 4

This week in The Book of Boba Fett, the flashback and the present time has finally caught up. We finally found out the origins of the relationship between Boba Fett and Fennec, how Fennec survived the events in The Mandalorian, and why Boba Fett is trying to be a crime lord now. This episode is just for the viewers to catch up and be reminded of the events to come, the calm before the storm. And there is nothing wrong with that, as long as we got some epic moments and action along the way.

These are the 5 most epic moments for chapter 4.


  1. Boba Fett Retrieves His Ship

    In Boba Fett and Fennec's first adventure together, they try to retrieve Fett's former ship from the dead Jabba's Palace. We got a sense of how Fennec regularly works in the field with her equipment used for the mission. We got the best look of Jabbace palace and its many rooms and halls aside from just Jabba's throne room, so we finally get a sense of scope on the place. And finally, we see Boba Fett's ship again, a ship with a name that is apparently offensive and is now just called by its generic ship model of a Firespray.

    Regardless, it is nice to see the ship again, and the camera knows it too. With a zoom-in, grand music, and everything.

    What follows is a battle between the guards as Boba Fett and Fennec try to escape with the ship. Boba struggles to fly it in the claustrophobic room, while Fennec takes care of the guards and tries to open the gates. Fennec shoots the mechanism that holds the gate down, and they are off.

  2. Boba Fett Returns to the Sarlacc Pit

    Boba Fett returns to the Sarlacc pit to get his armor back, as he believes it is still inside the Sarlacc. He must not have remembered that the Jawas have taken it. This time, though he uses his ship to peek inside the Sarlac. But just when we thought Boba and Fennec are safe inside the ship, the Sarlac pulls the ship with its tentacles.

    We really get the sense of how strong the Sarlacc is as it pulls down the ship. The Sarlac feels more terrifying than ever with its improved visual effects, sound design, and a showcase of strength.

    In a visual that we never thought would ever see, Fennec kills the Sarlacc by firing Boba's signature seismic charge bomb in its mouth. With the iconic shockwave and sound, it really feels like it hurts. They could not have found a better way to kill this iconic creature.

  3. Black Krrsantan Cause Chaos in the Sanctuary

    Black Krrsantan looks deflated after being handed defeat from Boba Fett's crew. He hangs around in the Sanctuary drinking his beverage as he looks at the Trandoshans from across the room that is having a good time gambling. Krrsantan, obviously bothered, Krrsantan suddenly gets off his seat and attacks the Trandoshans. Just when he is about to tear off the arm of the last Trandoshan standing, Garsa, intervenes to try and calm the beast.

    Here we get character development from both Garsa and Krrsantan. We got a sense that Garsa has seen this type of problem in her cantina over and over again and so gain experience in handling this kind of mess with diplomacy. At the same time, we get more into Krrsantan's backstory and perspective.

    Garsa tells Krrsantan's story that Star Wars comic fans are already familiar with. That Krrsantan was once a gladiator, at the time he was a legend and was loved by thousands. Now, Krrsantan is in a civilized place in a more civilized time. What once was celebrated in the bloodlust of the arena is now seen as horror and cruelty.

    He does not feel like he belongs in a civilized society, and so lashes out with violent tendencies.

    Just when we thought Garsa is about to calm Krrsantan down, by appealing to his pride as a warrior, and by offering to erase his debts in the Sanctuary, it is then that Krrsantan violently dismembers the Trandoshan with no care. Nice try, though.

  4. A Meeting with the Crime Lords

    To be ready for the upcoming war with the Pyke Syndicate, Boba Fett gathers all the crime families of Mos Espa, all formerly working under Jabba the Hutt. To see if they would all side with him in the war. Like any hive of scum and villainy, the tension is high just all of them sitting across the table with Boba Fett even as Fett talks of peace and alliance.

    One of the crimelords asks what would stop them from killing Fett right now, and everyone looks on to Boba Fett like they are all thinking of killing him. Luckily, the rancor below has good timing, as it makes a sound and makes his presence known beneath the dining table. The crimelords are startled and they immediately stand up. The crimelords have their answer.

    The ironic thing is, the rancor defuses the tension, and they continue their meeting, with Boba Fett making a deal that if they won't side with him, then he request that the crimelords would stay neutral if they are ever approached by the Pykes to side with them. All of them unanimously agree. Time will only tell if this agreement will be honored.

  5. Din Djarin Might be Coming to The Book of Boba Fett

    Boba Fett and Fennec look from above the palace, watching at the leaving crimelords from below. They contemplate at the meeting that just happened.

    They move on to talks on how to be ready in the upcoming war with the Pykes. Fennec asks how much treasure they have as a reserve. Boba responds that he has plenty of credits. What he is short on is muscle. To which Fennec replies, credits can buy muscle if he knows where to look.

    Then a hint of The Mandalorian series musical score is played as the camera slowly zooms out to credits. We know what that means - Din Djarin is about to take a visit to The Book of Boba Fett. This is the way.

Are there any other epic moments we might have missed?

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