5 Most Epic Moments in The Book of Boba Fett Season 1 Chapter 3

The question that The Book of Boba Fett seems to be consistently be asking is, will Boba Fett be able to run his Tatooine criminal empire by showing decency and respect instead of intimidation and fear? While it is consistently shown that the sacrifice of showing his benevolence is that he is ironically not respected, this week's episode, The Streets of Mos Espa, focuses on the victories of Boba Fett's ideology, with Boba being rewarded with even more allies just by being kind and respectful. time will tell if his benevolence will be rewarded in the long run. By the final episode, it may be that Boba will see this little experiment of his as a failure and will tragically turn into more like the Hutts in the end.

For now, let's review the most epic moments of The Streets of Mos Espa. SPOILERS AHEAD.

  1. The Tuskens Are Now Dead

    After humanizing the Tuskens for 2 episodes prior, walking with them, experiencing their culture in such a personal way, the respect, and bond they showed to Boba Fett, they are suddenly all dead, gone like Anakin Skywalker went to visit. We see the tribe tents all in shatters. We see all of the Tuskens' bodies littered throughout the surroundings. Who knew we would ever feel something for the death of Tuskens?

    Temuera Morrison is such a great actor here, looking sad, but keeping in character of Boba Fett, he is quiet and subdued, like he just accepts that this chapter of his life is over. Without making a sound, he gathers all the bodies and burns them. We can only imagine what kind of life he must've had for him to be quick to accept that his tribe is gone in a blink of an eye.

    Boba Fett sees the mark of the Nikto Sand Riders in the ruins of the tribe's tents, and now we know where he is going. Maybe the revenge would bring more emotional outbursts out of Boba Fett.

  2. Black Krrsantan Strikes at Boba Fett

    Every time Boba Fett is shown in his bacta tank, asleep, there is this lingering feeling in the back of the audience's mind that Boba Fett is vulnerable without weapons so open to attack. Now the time has come for that attack as Black Krrsantan strikes at him in the middle of the night, like a nightmare going for the kill. Boba Fett is more vulnerable than ever - no armor, no weapons, and half-naked. Black Krrsantan is like a bear, he just throws Boba Fett across the room multiple times, and Boba Fett can barely make a solid attack on him - It is brutal.

    When Boba Fett is about to die, luckily, he is rescued by the teens he hired earlier. Like the Gamorrean slaves before them, it is so satisfying to see Boba Fett's way of kindness and respect reward him. These teens were so disrespectful to him before, and now because Boba Fett shows them decency, they come straight to his rescue in his most vulnerable state. It's like Fett has his very own Tatooine Irregulars. Later even the Gamorreans and Fennec join into the fight until Black Krrsantan falls to the Rancor pit. It is becoming obvious that Boba Fett is building his crime family. A new tribe after losing his old one.

  3. Another Confrontation with the Twins

    The Twins are becoming really intriguing characters. Their presence as an elitist lazy hedonist, who never shows any hint of worry in their facade, makes them intimidating and unpredictable. Here they are apologizing to Boba Fett for sending Black Krrsantan after him like it is nothing, and they seem very sincere about the apology too, sending him a Rancor as a gift in return. Now they say they are leaving, and they say they don't want a war because it is bad for business, but because of their emotionless facade, we don't know how much of this is a trick. What exactly is up in their sleeves except for fat?

    This moment is a very good exposition dump too. We get to know that the Mayor of Mos Espa has promised the Pyke Syndicate the Tatooine criminal empire and is coming any day now. The stakes are rising, the world keeps on building, and tomorrow just keeps on getting more exciting.

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    Plus, we get to see a Rancor, then Danny Trejo appeared out of nowhere for some reason, not that anyone is complaining. Black Krrsantan gets to be freed by Boba Fett at this scene when he could have killed him easily. We know this act is going to reward Boba Fett with a new Wookiee Allie in episodes to come. So, expect another addition to the family.

  4. The Rancor Bonds with Boba Fett

    What's really great about this scene is the subversion of the Rancor. We only ever got to know a Rancor as a monstrous killer that tried to kill Luke. Who would have known that they are actually emotionally complex creatures capable of sadness and depression? They are actually not as violent as we thought them to be, only really being violent if they perceive an attack. Otherwise, they might as well be a big puppy.

    They are like Boba Fett in this regard - Known to be a killer across the galaxy but is capable of being gentle and friendly on the inside. Is it any wonder that Boba Fett gets to have a bond with the particular Rancor he has in his pit now? He caresses this one like it is a pet and wants to ride it one day, promising to begin the training now. Wouldn't that be a sight for next time?

    This Rancor is young right now despite it being gigantic. Its eyes are covered because Rancors gets deeply bonded with the first person it sees. So Boba Fett stands in front of it as the blindfold is removed for the first time. For a moment, it is like Din Djarin seeing Baby Yoda for the first time.

  5. The Speeder Bike Chase on the Streets of Mos Espa

    The Mayor's Majordomo is trying to get away from Boba Fett by speeder, and so ensues a speeder chase through the streets of Mos Espa with Boba's teen speeder biker gang in pursuit of the Majordomo.

    What is so appealing about this scene is the production values seem so huge. It is every chase scene cliche right down to people moving a painting just so someone would crash through it, no argument there. But throughout the chase, we see droids, creatures, and elaborate sets as far as the eyes can see. As well as the speeder bikes doing fast aerial stunts and the teens showing what they can do with their cybernetic enhancements. We get to wonder is this really just a TV show? How much is Disney paying for this stuff?

What other moments have we missed?

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