5 Moments That Proved Game of Thrones Was Mirroring ‘Lord of the Rings’ in Battle of the Bastards Episode

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It's not secret that Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin was influenced by J.R.R. Tolkien's works. Sure, Game of Thrones may have more complex characters and plots than characters of The Lord of the Rings, but they still share several story elements, so when the Battle of Bastards episode (Season 6, Episode 9) premired, it's not surprising to see the similarities between both epics. Check out these 5 moments

  1. Ridin' Dragons

    The Witchking of Angmar is riding a fellbeast while Daenerys is riding a dragon named Drogon, but some fans consider Daenerys a potential villain, so we'll count this in. 

  2. Main Hero With Huge Sword Faces Down Gigantic Opposing Army

    This shot reminded us of Aragorn's brave and noble charge in The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, but Jon Snow was just being stupid (doing the exact thing that Sansa told him not to do). 

  3. A Seemingly Lost Battle is Saved By The Late Arrival of A Flanking Cavalry Force

    While Gandalf tol Aragorn that he was going off to find the Rohirrim and to look for them at first light, Sansa Stark didn't even tell Jon Snow that she asked for Littlefinger to bring the Knights of the Vale (the only full Westerosi army that ha not been decimated by the War of the Five Kings) into the Fray. 

  4. Former Enemy Dies Nobly Withstanding A Barrage of Arrows

    Just like Boromir, who was played by the same actor who played Boromir in LOTR (Sean Bean), Wun Wun died after getting it by a bunch of arrows. 

  5. A Happy Ending

    Game of Thornes isn't finished yet, but the end of the Battle of the Bastards episode was happy, at least for the Starks. Sure, it may not be as jolly and bright as TheLord of the Rings' ending, but it's brighter than most traumatizing Game of Thrones moments. 

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