5 Funniest Moments in Peacemaker Episode 5

In Peacemaker episode 5, Monkey Dory, the Peacemaker series is finding its perfect balance of drama and humor, fusing together into one good tone. Almost every character in this episode has character development and pathos. They are now getting closer as a team and have the potential to be real friends. At the same time, it continues to be very funny in almost any scene.

So, we gather the pieces and see which parts are the funniest in Peacemaker episode 5.

  1. The PowerPoint Meeting

    To put the team up to speed with their Butterfly mission, Economos made a PowerPoint presentation of what the team has learned so far. As the presentation goes by, Peacemaker keeps questioning the slides and insulting Economos for his bad choice of visuals.

    When the slides need to indicate that the Butterflies goes through any orifices to take control of a human body, the slide shows an animation of a butterfly going through a human's butt. To which Vigilante complains that just because they are aliens does not mean they have a poop fetish.

    Then this leads to Peacemaker commenting that Superman has a poop fetish. When Harcourt questions where this information comes from, Peacemaker says Google. When Harcourt says it is nonsense, Peacemaker congratulates her for knowing more than Google.

    When the slides show a chimpanzee next to a human, the team questions why there is a chimpanzee. Economos explains that it is to visualize that a Butterfly in a human host is four times stronger than normal. Vigilante hilariously thought it meant the human and the chimpanzee are friends and are about to go on an adventure.

    The presentation keeps on going to tangent after tangent and it is always hilarious. When Murn cannot take all their childishness any longer, he asks the team an obvious rhetorical question if they want to be in the office until tomorrow. To which Vigilante raises his hand and tells Murn as long as there is cable.

  2. Peacemaker's Gift for Nicknames

    Adebayo tells Peacemaker to ease up on insulting Dye-Be-- Economos because it is starting to hurt Economos' feelings. Vigilante joins the conversation and tells Adebayo that it is just part of Peacemaker's personality to be a bully and make insulting nicknames.

    The conversation turns to the reveal that Peacemaker used nickname guys out of what their penis looks like. He named Vigilante's older brother Prince Charming because his penis looked like a scepter. Peacemaker's friend nicknamed Veiny McVeinerstein, told Peacemaker once that he is like a gypsy but with dicks instead of palms.

    Peacemaker then justifies that he is not a bully because he was bullied too... Because kids told him he was a bully all the time, and keep telling him he was abusive. He said it hurts his feelings.

    Whatever happened to the good old day when anyone could just non-stop mess with somebody without them claiming to be the victim?

  3. Peacemaker Attached a Grenade to a Russian Tank Shell

    Peacemaker sees dozens of Butterflies trying to get through the metal door where Harcourt and Vigilante are in. Knowing he needs to bring out the big guns, Peacemaker unzips his bag of arsenal and takes out a grenade attached to a Russian tank shell.

    Adebayo asks why not just the grenade, and Peacemaker answers that an explosion from a grenade would not be enough to get all the butterflies. So instead he tied a grenade to a Russian tank shell.

    The humor of Peacemaker is a delicate balance here. He is smart enough to know that a grenade cannot create an explosion big enough to take down the dozens of Butterflies, but he is also dumb enough to think that the solution is to tie a grenade to a bigger bomb.

    Well, it worked.

  4. Every Comment Vigilante Makes in this Episode

    Vigilante is turning out to be the funniest character in the series - the balance of a really big dork with a casual presence, that makes it disarming when he says and does something psychopathic.

    In this episode, Vigilante may be used sparingly, but every time he says something, he is in comedy fire. Literally, everything he says in this episode is funny.

    In the team meeting, when he saw a human next to a chimpanzee in the PowerPoint slide, he comments he thought they are friends and are going to be going on an adventure. When Murn asked an obviously rhetorical question, he is unable to read the room and answers with no self-awareness.

    When he said that Peacemaker was always a bully since he was a child, giving insulting nicknames based on how people's penis look, he just casually said he never got insulted because he has no feelings. As if he has no self-awareness that makes him a sociopath.

    There is a scene where he wants to bring a chainsaw on a stealth mission, and when Harcourt says no, he whines like a kid that he would never have a chance to kill anyone with a chainsaw.

    When Harcourt tells the team that a Butterfly can make any living creature their host, Vigilante laughs at the thought that they can possess a chihuahua.

    He then complains that he is not the one who killed the gorilla with a chainsaw.

  5. The Van Ride Back After the Mission

    The van ride home after Economos killed a gorilla to save the team who were all screwed, might be fun, tender, and sweet, but there is also something funny about people celebrating that they killed a gorilla, like one of their playmates just hit the highest score record in an arcade game.

    They are on cloud nine, dancing and singing even while most of them are covered with blood from killing a gorilla. Not to mention that Vigilante is doing the most awkward and dorkiest dance moves.

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