5 Flashback Cards Return in Magic: The Gathering Arena's Historic Anthology III

Magic: The Gathering Arena will be adding 27 Historic-legal cards in the upcoming History Anthology 3, and in addition to "Ulamog, Ceaseless Hunger" and "Phyrexian Obliterator", Wizards of the Coast and various MTG outlets will officiallly share previews this weekend. Today, YouTuber Merchant has revealed a cycle of familiar cards with Flashback, and they include "Devil's Play", "Chainer's Edict", "Silent Departure", "Roar of the Wurm", and "Momentary Blink".

Check them out:

Devil's Play

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Chainer's Edict

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Silent Departure

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Roar of the Wurm

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Momentary Blink

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"Momentary Blink" will most likely see the most play among these Flashback cards. Look forward to the other Historic Anthology 3 cards this weekend; you can check out the sources of the spoilers here.

All the Historic Anthology 3 cards will be revealed similar to spoiler seasons of other Magic sets.

The April update will also bring Permanent Historic ranked queues, Historic Cube Draft between players, and new Festival events to obtain the Showcase card styles. "Drannith Magistrate" will also be banned in Brawl.

The Historic Anthology 3 will be released with the May 21 Magic: The Gathering Arena update.

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