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5 Epic Moments in Peacemaker Episode 6

This week, on Peacemaker, in an episode cleverly titled, "Murn After Reading," revelations about what exactly the Butterflies are is being revealed left and right. Character growths continue to go upwards as we get more insights into who Murn is. The mission and secrets are hitting Adebayo more than she can handle. Harcourt is getting to know the real Peacemaker more. Peacemaker himself is growing as a person, getting self-awareness of how he goes about killing people.

There are many moments to enjoy in this episode.


  1. Murn Gives Some Answers

    Last week's cliffhanger was Adebayo just finding out that Murn is a Butterfly. Murn chases Adebayo in the night rain, and it was looking like a horror movie. Fast forward to now, and it turns out Murn just wants to talk. Then Harcourt appears, and it turns out she knows Murn is a Butterfly for a long while now. Then she also reveals that Economos also knows that Murn is a Butterfly. We forgot that both Harcourt and Economos have been doing this business for a long time now and things like this do not get over their heads easily.

    Murn explains that The Butterflies was supposed to just live on earth until they get ambitions of dominating it, with Murn being the sole Butterfly opposed to this plan.

    Adebayo does not believe Murn is good for the obvious fact that he is a Butterfly that killed the body he is inhabiting now to have control over it.

    Here is when Chukwudi Iwuji flexes his Shakespearean acting muscles - With the guilt clear in his eyes, Murn said he needed a host to stop the other Butterflies, and tried to find the evilest man he could find to not feel guilty when he possesses it. He ended up with the body of Murn. But even then, he is still guilty. By looking at the memories and feelings of the body he inhabited, he knows that the human Murn could've had the potential to be a better person. That is what Butterfly Murn stole from the body he possessed.

  2. The Police Chase Peacemaker and Vigilante Through a Forest

    The Police Force has known that they needed to take action in arresting Peacemaker for a while, and now they are taking it. They surround Peacemaker's trailer, but because Peacemaker got a warning from the team, He, Vigilante, and Eagly got away from the trailer with the Butterfly in a jar.

    Unfortunately, they are spotted by Detective Song trying to escape through the trees. The Butterfly they name Goff possesses Detective Song, and we say goodbye to her character as the body puppet walking now is a Butterfly.

    When the other cops spot Peacemaker and Vigilante, our heroes enter the forest and the cops move fast to chase them. What really makes this scene is because Eagly turns out to be a badass. Every time a cop gets near Peacemaker and Vigilante, Eagly charges and tackles the cops to the ground, poking at them with its beak in a graphic bloody way.

  3. The Entire Police Station Becomes Host to an Army of Butterflies

    Earlier in this episode, we say goodbye to Detective Song as she got possessed by a Butterfly nicknamed Goff. Then Goff charges in with thousands of Butterflies ready to possess every person in the police station with no prejudice. The entire station is raining with Butterflies.

    In a beautiful slow-motion scene, we say goodbye to Detective Fitzgibbon, Captain Locke, the entire police force, and all the prisoners being held in the station.

    The entire scene is in the tune of Reckless Love's, Monster, showcasing another example of James Gunn's brilliant taste in choosing the right soundtrack at the right time.

    As the scene is rearing its end, the entire station, now being possessed by The Butterflies walk together, all of them making a creepy smile as they go to the camera. Watch out as the smiling zombies are going to town.

  4. Chris and Emilia Has a Moment

    In the middle of the night, as the melancholy silence fills the air, Harcourt gives a modified weapon to Peacemaker and puts a symbol of a dove on it just as Peacemaker likes it. Peacemaker is about to tell Harcourt that the dove symbol is done in the wrong way, but in a move of character growth, he stops himself and tells Harcourt that he appreciates what she has done for him.

    When Harcourt is about to leave, Peacemaker in another sign of character development shows his vulnerability by telling Harcourt that he only made up that he needed a dove symbol to do his job to cover up the fact that he does not want to kill people anymore. The look on Peacemaker's scared face speaks volumes here.

    To make Peacemaker feel better, Harcourt tells him that while when they first met she told Peacemaker that he was a piece of sh@#, she does not hold that opinion anymore. Well 85% is still is, she told him in a joking way, but the rest of him is okay.

    Harcourt says goodnight to Peacemaker, but for the first time, Harcourt chooses to call him Chris instead. Peacemaker says goodnight too, but he does not know what to call Harcourt because she never wanted to tell Peacemaker her first name. Harcourt finally tells him her name is Emilia. So Peacemaker tells Emilia goodnight.

  5. Peacemaker is on the News

    Since the very beginning, Amanda Waller has told Adebayo to plant a diary on Peacemaker's home. But it remained a mystery what the diary holds. In this episode, it is revealed that the content of the diary is meant to frame Peacemaker. The content of the diary makes it sound like Peacemaker is going out killing people because he believes in a conspiracy where multiple powerful figures are possessed by aliens taking over the world.

    The cliffhanger of this episode shows the Police Force (Possessed by Butterflies) holding a press conference on the news as Peacemaker and Vigilante watch. They are using the diary found in Peacemaker's home that implies that he is unhinged, to justify a cross-country manhunt on Peacemaker.

    Whatever happens, the next episode is going to be action-packed.

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