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5 Epic Moments in Peacemaker Episode 5

In Peacemaker episode 5, Monkey Dory, we are slowly seeing our characters finally seeing each other as potential friends. Maybe it is good after all that Economos did frame Peacemaker's dad. Otherwise, there is no tension to cut that would lead to the team being just a little bit closer.

Aside from a lot of good character moments, we have a lot of good action and little morsels of Vigilante's funny commentary.

This is the episode with the most epic moments so far, and so we are here to look at them by pieces.

Spoilers Ahead:

  1. Peacemaker Brought an X-Ray Helmet to a Gun Fight

    In episode 4, Peacemaker retrieved a helmet from his dad's interdimensional closet, but it was not shown what it does, until now.

    The team infiltrates the facility of the Glan Tie Bottling Company after realizing it must be a facility being used by the Butterflies. While Harcourt and Vigilante sneak in from the back, Adebayo and Peacemaker go to the front door to question the employees and find out what they can. Adebayo is about to talk to the receptionist, but without warning, Peacemaker brutally shoots the Receptionist on the head. and then the guards, and then another employee, and then another employee.

    When Adebayo shouts at Peacemaker to ask what he is doing, it turns out, the helmet has X-ray vision, and Peacemaker can instantly tell if a person is a Butterfly based on what he can see on their heads.

    As the mission goes, Peacemaker keeps on shooting people left and right, all of them in first try headshots.

  2. The Team Battles with a Gorilla

    In the episode's cold open, the team are watching a PowerPoint presentation to put everyone up to speed on their next mission. One of the slides shows a man next to a chimpanzee, as a way for Economos to show the team that the Butterflies have four times the strength of an average human. When the team goes to the mission, it turns out that joke was foreshadowing.

    When the team went to the enemy facility, they encountered a Butterfly that has a host that is a gorilla. The team tries to fight it together, but the gorilla manhandles them with its overpowering strength.

    The CGI, like that of Eagly, is very realistic right down to the facial expression. It keeps on moving, and it really does feel like the team is fighting an actual gorilla that is in the room.

    Then as the gorilla is about to kill Peacemaker, Economos suddenly appeared from behind, killing the gorilla with a chainsaw. It is a wonderful finish that cuts the tension between Economos and Peacemaker, after their constant fighting.

    At this moment, Peacemaker praises Economos and calls him by his real name for the first time instead of the insulting nickname of Dye-Beard.

  3. The Team Celebrates in the Tune of 11th Street Kids

    On the drive towards the mission, it is hinted that what Peacemaker and Economos have in common despite their problems with each other, is that both of them love the band Hanoi Rocks and their song, 11th Street Kids. They were about to play the song on the radio, but they are already on the mission site, and Harcourt intentionally don't want to play it.

    After Economos slays the gorilla, the team is on cloud nine. On the way back from the mission in the van, the team is celebrating while listening to the tune of 11th Street Kids. Economos and Peacemaker are singing to the song, as everyone is dancing to the beat. Vigilante, himself has a funny and dorky dance.

    Harcourt looks at the team enjoying themselves and smiles sincerely for the first time in the series. As the team dance and sings, Harcourt catches the moment on her camera phone, looking at the team, knowing that they are getting closer.

    Maybe these miserable coworkers may be friends after all.

  4. Harcourt Makes a Group Chat for the Team

    As Peacemaker and Adebayo are driving home, Peacemaker suddenly gets a message from his phone. When he takes a look, the screen reads "Harcourt added you to the group '11th Street Kids'," in reference to when the team was singing and dancing to the tune of 11th Street Kids before - A moment of the team bonding together.

    When Peacemaker looks at this, he smiles, maybe this is the first time he is part of something like this.

    We cut to Economos in his house looking at the same message, and when he opens the group chat, the picture of the team being happy on the ride home from the mission is already uploaded. Economos laughs at the picture.

    We then see Vigilante's reaction, and he too is happy about the picture. As we see all the team member's reactions to the message, we also see Harcourt in the same bar she is always in. But instead of looking dead inside like her usual self, she is smiling as she looks at the different incoming messages and emojis of the group. It is like she is slowly opening up to a group of people for the first time in a long time. It is a tender moment that lets us hope that maybe these miserable lot found their mates.

    Appropriately, the score in the background is 11th Street Kids, by Hanoi Rocks.

  5. Adebayo Discovers a Secret

    Adebayo returns to the team's office because she cannot sleep at home. She sees Peacemaker's x-ray helmet and tries it on. She activates it and at first, she is enjoying that she is seeing things in x-ray vision.

    She tries to tell Murn about it, but once she looks at Murn, she discovers that Murn is a Butterfly. Being taken aback, Adebayo scream. Murn realizes that she knows what he is, and roars like a monster. Murn chases Adebayo until he catches her. End credits.

    Who here is excited for what Murn is about to say to Adebayo?

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