5 Avengers: Infinity War Character References With Meanings You Didn't Know

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Last week, Avengers: Infinity War assembled in theaters across the country, and fans still can’t stop talking about what might be the biggest superhero blockbuster of all time. However, several characters that either appear or are referenced in the film seem to have gone under some moviegoers’ radar.

With that in mind, here are five Avengers: Infinity War character references with deeper meanings than you knew:

  1. Morgan Stark

    When we first see Tony Stark, he’s telling Pepper Potts about a dream he had in which the two became parents to a child named Morgan. While this was seemingly nothing more than a throwaway line, longtime readers will likely recall that Morgan Stark is actually Tony’s cousin from the comics. Debuting in Al Hartley and Don Heck’s Tales of Suspense #68 (August 1965), Morgan routinely tried to seize control of Stark Industries from Tony, though the character hasn’t been seen since the War Machine solo series in 2009.

  2. A’Lars

    When Thanos comes face-to-face with the Red Skull on Vormir, he addresses the Mad Titan as the son of A’Lars. A’Lars, of course, is Thanos’ father in the comics, as well as one of the Eternals, an ancient alien race that could be the focus of a future MCU film, according to Kevin Feige. However, A’Lars was recently killed by his son in Thanos #2 in February 2017.

  3. White Wolf

    In both Black Panther and Infinity War, Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier is referred to as the White Wolf. In the comics, White Wolf is actually T’Challa’s adopted brother, who wound up in Wakanda after his parents died in a plane crash. The young boy named Hunter grew up to take on the White Wolf moniker and lead Wakanda’s secret police, the Hatut Zeraze. However, upon taking the throne, T’Challa disbanded the Hatut Zeraze due to the group’s extreme methods, and while White Wolf initially resented T’Challa for this, he still remained loyal to Wakanda.

  4. White Vision

    To be fair, White Vision isn’t actually the name of a character from the comics. West Coast Avengers fans will likely remember, though, that Vision was at one point completely colorless – much like he appears after Thanos rips the Mind Stone from his head. This occurred after Vision was dismantled by rogue government agents and rebuilt by Hank Pym, but without a matrix for the synthezoid’s emotions. This, coupled with the damage to his skill, resulted in Vision being devoid of both personality and color.

  5. Nomad

    While he’s never referred to as Nomad in the film, there’s no denying the similarities between Captain America’s Infinity War look and the look of his one-time comic book counterpart – primarily the color scheme and the buckles on Cap’s shoulders. In the comics, Cap took on the Nomad identity after a government cover-up caused him to become disillusioned. However, this wouldn’t last long, as Steve would soon reclaim his classic mantle.