40 Annotated Images From The Black Panther Teaser Trailer

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Marvel Studios has dropped the first teaser trailer for Black Panther, giving fans an epic taste of what they can expect when the King of Wakanda takes to the big screen in his first solo film next year. The characters, costumes, and set pieces are stunning, the fight choreography is top-notch, and most importantly, it looks like Marvel is fully commited to doing the character justice and honoring his rich and diverse background.

We have collected 40 images from the trailer, highlighting key pieces of the footage in sequential order to give you a closer look at what you can expect from Black Panther. See them below:

  1. We begin with some familiar MCU faces

  2. The imagery looks breathtaking

  3. Ulysses Klaue enlightening Everett Ross on the true nature of Wakanda

  4. Make way for the King

  5. Such vibrant colors

  6. Our first taste of Wakanda's quintessential advanced technology

  7. You mess with the Panther...

  8. ...you get the claws

  9. The strength to throw grown men around like rag dolls

  10. Don't waste your bullets, that suit is made from Vibranium

  11. This is why you don't want to head to Wakanda without an invitation

  12. Ever feel like you're being watched?

  13. Okoye looks a little nervous...

  14. ...but T'Challa simply looks unimpressed

  15. Another display of gorgeous imagery

  16. Zuri, the elder statesman

  17. Our first look at Erik Killmonger

  18. I'm sure those explosives aren't meant for nefarious purposes...

  19. ...Spoke too soon

  20. Enter Nakia

  21. You don't mess with the Dora Milaje

  22. The King greeting his people...

  23. ...with open arms

  24. At least Klaue's using his newfound freedom wisely

  25. Looks like Wakanda will continue to open up to the outside world

  26. Sayyy, isn't that the Human Torch? Whoops, wrong studio.

  27. Some more brilliant costume designs

  28. Perhaps the throne room?

  29. T’Challa’s Mother Ramonda

  30. It's like watching poetry in motion

  31. Killmonger looks to be outnumbered...

  32. ...but he doesn't seem to care

  33. Looks like they're surrounded

  34. Here comes Shuri with a set of toys that could probably put Tony Stark to shame

  35. MAN-APE!

  36. Looks like we'll see some new abilities from Black Panther

  37. From one car...

  38. ...to another

  39. Alright, Marvel. We're ready!

  40. Not soon enough, though. We want it NOW!