32 More X-Men Magic: The Gathering Cards

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Last year, we featured some custom X-Men cards from Magic: The Gathering fan Wayne Solo, and just recently, he shared a new batch of 32 X-Men cards that would make you wish Wizards of the Coast and Marvel teamed up to make an official set based in the Marvel universe. Wayne even invented a new mechanic called "X-Trait" which rewards you for playing a second spell in a turn. There's also a card for Xavier's school, Magneto's helmet, and Sentinel tokens! Check them out: 

  1. Charles Xavier, Professor X

  2. Xavier's School for the Gifted

  3. Erik Lensherr, Magneto

  4. James Howlett, Wolverine

  5. Remy LeBeau, Gambit

  6. Jean Grey, Phoenix

  7. Bobby Drake, Iceman

  8. Samuel Guthrie, Cannonball

  9. Hank McCoy, the Beast

  10. Anna Marie, Rogue

  11. Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler

  12. Utopia Island

  13. Alex Summers, Havok

  14. Lucas Bishop

  15. ResurrXion

  16. Generations

  17. Sean Cassidy, Banshee

  18. Helm of Magneto

  19. Fredrick Dukes, the Blob

  20. Victor Creed, Sabertooth

  21. Amahl Farouk, Shadow King

  22. Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver

  23. Kitty Pride

  24. Scott Summers, Cyclops

  25. Ororo Monroe, Storm

  26. Clarice Ferguson, Blink

  27. Piotr Rasputin, Colossus

  28. Days of Future Past

  29. Sentinel token

  30. House of M

  31. Emma Frost, the White Queen

  32. Legacy