30 Best Underplayed Magic: The Gathering Green Commander Cards

Today we are taking a look at the most underrated and underused green Commander cards in Magic: The Gathering. Green is more linear than other colors and typically have strong creatures, mana ramping effects, graveyard to hand recursion, and hate for artifacts & enchantments. Unlike other colors, most of green's powerful Commander cards have already been discovered, but often see less play than they should.

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In no particular order, here are 30 of the most underplayed Magic: The Gathering Green Commander cards that you should consider for your Green deck:

  1. Tranquil Grove

    Most people tend to use one shot enchantment removal in Commander. With long games, you may have to face off against multiple powerful enchantments and run out of answers. For this reason, Tranquil Grove is especially powerful because it has a recurring way to destroy all enchantments at every stage of the game.  

  2. Plow Under

    Plow Under is one of my favorite green cards of all time. It is especially powerful in a Commander Deck that can generate 5 mana on turn 3. I've had many opponents scoop to an early Plow Under powered by Sol Ring. It's basically a double-time walk since it sets your opponent back two land drops and two draws.

  3. Stunted Growth

    While not quite as powerful as setting your opponent back two land drops, Stunted Growth is still a very powerful card. Casting this early sets your opponent back 3 card draws.

  4. Unravel the Aether

    Deglamer is a pretty popular answer in Commander right now, but if you want to double up on ways to deal with indestructible artifacts and enchantments, Unravel the Aether is a good choice. Most people have forgotten about this twin of Deglamer.

  5. Broken Fall

    Regerating a creature for 3 mana is nothing to write home about, but being able to buy it back at no mana cost is excellent. If you plan on playing some big creatures that you want to survive destruction effects, Broken Fall is an excellent choice for long-term card advantage.

  6. Exploration

    Exploration is a well-known card and played in a fair amount of green Commander decks. It's still not played as often as it should be. There are very few green decks that couldn't be improved by it. Exploration is especially powerful at ramping you ahead of your opponents and extremely mana efficient for only 1 green mana. It essentially pays for itself when you cast it on turn one and put down your extra land from hand.

  7. Burgeoning

    Burgeoning isn't quite as powerful as Exploration in a 1 v 1 Commander game because you don't get to use your mana right away on your turn. Despite that, it essentially does the same thing as Exploration in ramping your lands quickly. If you are considering running Exploration, you should probably run Burgeoning as well to add consistency to your strategy. In a multiplayer game with 4 players, Burgeoning can be incredibly explosive, ramping you multiple lands every turn.

  8. Wild Growth

    Wild Growth is the lesser known variant of Utopia Sprawl. It's a powerful ramp effect for its mana cost and pairs especially well with cards that let you untap lands. Unlike Utopia Sprawl, you can enchant any land.

  9. Nature's Will

    Nature's Will combos with quite a few other cards that you'll want to consider pairing it with in your deck. Being able to untap all your lands is a powerful ability. Shutting off your opponent's lands can be even stronger. After all, if your opponent is tapped out, they won't be able to use countermagic or respond to any degenerate plays you make for the rest of the turn. Consider running cards that prevent your opponent from untapping lands to make it even better.

  10. Okina, Temple to The Grandfathers

    There are only a few reasons why you shouldn't run Okina. The main reason is to not get hosed by cards that punish players for running non-basics. Unless you think those cards are particularly good against your strategy and are played in your meta, you should automatically be playing Okina. You never know when that +1 pump can be the difference between winning and losing. It might not happen a lot, but if it happens more often than having a non-basic will kill you, you should run it.

  11. Pendelhaven

    If you run at least one 1/1 creature, which is practically guaranteed in a green deck, you should run Pendelhaven for the same reason you should run Okina. It's just better than a Forest 99% of the time.

  12. Seedguide Ash

    Seedguide Ash is ridiculously powerful. It doesn't look strong on the surface, but when you play against it, you'll recognize its power. It's a four for one card advantage card that only costs 5 mana.

  13. Primal Order

    Green has one of the best hosers against non-basic lands with Primal Order. It can win games on its own.

  14. Nature's Wrath

    Nature's Wrath is such an oppressive card against Blue/Black decks. You can pair it with cards like Painter's Servant in 1 v 1 Commander. Otherwise, it is particularly effective on its own in a multiplayer Commander game where someone is definitely playing blue or black. Just be prepared to be targeted by them after casting this.

  15. Instill Energy

    Instill Energy is quite an unusual green card since it gives haste. Untapping it is a nice bonus as well. Early game you can attach it to a ramp creature to generate quick mana. Late game you can use it to give a big creature haste and to untap it for blocks.

  16. Land Grant

    Land Grant is a zero mana cantrip so it essentially makes your deck 1 card thinner. Replace 1 basic land in your deck with Land Grant to improve consistency.

  17. Reverent Silence

    Reverent Silence is a zero mana card that can destroy all enchantments. This is particularly useful in keeping your tempo strong while disrupting your opponent.

  18. Deconstruct

    If you're looking for a free artifact removal spell, Deconstruct is perfect for the job. Unlike Reverent Silence, you still have to pay mana to cast it, but you'll get the mana back regardless.

  19. Birthing Pod

    Banned in Modern, Birthing Pod is one of the strongest utility cards in a creature-based deck. Pod provides a lot of long-term advantage, especially with creatures that have enter the battlefield and leave the battlefield abilities.

  20. Steely Resolve

    Steely Resolve gives all the creatures of any one type shroud. It's important to note that it's not hexproof, so even you can't target the creatures. Abilities like this at the same mana cost typically only last until the end of turn. Steely Resolve provides a lot of permanent value for only 2 mana. 

  21. Constant Mists

    Constant Mists deserves a slot in every green deck. It can prevent combat damage for many turns, and the buyback cost is very affordable. Pair this with a card like Crucible of Worlds or Groundskeeper and you can keep the fog effect going indefinitely.

  22. Mirri's Guile

    Mirri's Guile gives is a cheap way to re-order the top of your deck as need and provide reach. Pair it with cards like Oracle of Mul Daya to stack your deck as needed. Mirri's Guile is also utilized well with shuffle abilities from cards like fetch lands.

  23. Pattern of Rebirth

    Natural Order is a good card, but it limits you to searching your deck for a green creature. Pattern of Rebirth has no such restriction. Go grab yourself a Blightsteel Colossus for 4 mana! Seems good to me.

  24. Carpet of Flowers

    Carpet of Flowers is an extremely powerful ramp card against blue decks. Since it's an enchantment you can tutor it up easier than most cards if you're running white as well as green. Combine it with cards that turn lands into Islands, such as Quicksilver Fountain for added efficiency.

  25. City of Solitude

    Green is all about doing big things on your turn and City of Solitude lets you do that uninterrupted.

  26. Katabatic Winds

    Katabatic Winds shuts down all your opponent's flyers. Combine it with a card like Moat and you can't be attacked at all.

  27. Rowen

    Green doesn't have many card draw effects that aren't dependent on sticking a big creature in play. That's why Harmonize is found in almost every mono green list. For the same cost as Harmonize, Rowen can potentially draw more than 3 cards throughout a Commander game. In order to maximize it's effect, you'll want to cut down on the number of non-basics you run, such as Pendelhaven and Okina, Temple to The Grandfathers.

  28. Genesis

    Almost everyone has an experience losing to the insane card advantage provided by Genesis. Somehow, many green Commmander players still don't have this in their 99. If you're running creatures, you need to run Genesis!

  29. Yavimaya Hollow

    Every green deck that runs creatures should also run Yavimaya Hollow. Having a recurring source of regeneration will provide card and tempo advantage over the course of a game.

  30. Shapers' Sanctuary

    Shapers' Sanctuary is the most mana efficient card draw for green in Commander. It won't save any creatures, but you'll get to draw a card everytime your opponent interacts with one. Over the course of a game, Shapers' Sanctuary can draw you 3-5 cards, which is a great deal at 1 mana.

    That's it! Do you know any underrated or underplayed green Commander cards? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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