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3 New Star Wars Games in Development Confirmed

It has been announced today by Lucasfilm Games and Electronics Arts that the developer, Respawn Entertainment, is now working on three new video games that are associated with the Star Wars IP. Of these upcoming three new games, a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has finally been confirmed to be in the works in a formal capacity after years of rumors about the game. To go along with the sequel of Fallen Order, Respawn Entertainment will also be making a new title in a genre that the company is quite familiar with, while also working with another company to make a Star Wars game quite different.

As written on the website of EA today, it was confirmed that the sequel to Fallen Order is currently in the works. Just like the original game, Stig Asmussen is the project director once again. This means that much of the team that worked on the first game is likely returning to work on the sequel. In addition to this, the director Peter Hirschmann is said to be the one leading the Star Wars first-person shooter game. Details about this game are very few as of now, but the FPS genre is one that Respawn Entertainment has quite a lot of experiences such as Apex Legends and Titanfall. It makes sense that they are the ones working on the game in this style.

Finally, the third Star Wars game that is currently in development will belong to the strategy genre. The game is being led by Greg Foerstch in collaboration with the studio Bit Reactor. Respawn Entertainment will be the game’s publisher while Bit Reactor will serve as the lead studio of the game. As of now, details about this game are few, but it looks like the game would be similar to a Star Wars version of XCOM.

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