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2PM Junho Shock: Entertainment Reporter Tried To Dig Dirt On The Red Sleeve Actor
Credit: 스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

2PM’s Junho is now one of the most sought-after actors in South Korea and his latest gig as a Godiva model just proves so. With his newfound success, some are now starting digging dirt on him.

Junho is now enjoying his second wave of popularity. So as some are now trying to destroy his successful career, The Red Sleeve star proves no one can put a good man down.

The Failure to Stain the Good Image of Junho

Korean entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho has been known for talking about the controversies surrounding the biggest stars of today on his YouTube Channel. However, this time, it looks like he can’t find any dirt about Junho.

In fact, what he found was evidence to prove that the 32-year-old actor is a real nice guy.

Lee Jin Ho called reporter Lee Hyun Ah from The Daily Sports to hear about her experiences in interviewing the 2PM member, per Koreaboo. He asked her about the 80 handwritten letters the K-drama star wrote for reporters and it seemed true.

Junho was very grateful for the reporters’ support. He knew the positive articles they wrote about him had an impact on his shows’ ratings, so he personally wrote handwritten letters to say how grateful he was for them. He also used it to greet them with a Happy New Year.

“On a photo card of himself, he wrote each individual reporter’s name along with his signature,” Lee Hyun Ah said. “He also remembered a personal characteristic of each reporter and included it into his letter with his team.”

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She added that compared to other stars who would do virtual interviews with no video feature, the Rain or Shine actor gladly turned his camera on.

“For mine, he wrote, ‘thank you for sharing your precious time with me,’” Lee Hyun Ah continued. “‘I received a lot of strength from you and our face-to-face interview. Thank you for showing me your face.’”

Junho as the New Godiva Model

Meanwhile, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Godiva gets Junho as its latest model, AllKpop noted. Knowing this company is always the go-to chocolate brand of many lovers, Korean netizens see this as a smart move.

Godiva is now starting to feature singer-songwriter in front of its stores across South Korea to entice more buyers. By the looks of it, it is proven effective as some netizens say they are now on their way to its shops to see a life-size poster of Junho.

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"Wow! Godiva just figured out how to lure in almost every girl in South Korea," one fan said. “The only mistake with this is that no chocolate will be sweeter than Junho's visuals,” another continued.

It looks like there is nothing that can stop Junho’s continued rise to prominence today.

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