2PM Chansung Announces Marriage, Pregnancy And JYP Exit

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2PM made their comeback with Must earlier in June. The group’s latest album marked their official return from their four-year hiatus, and first music production since 2016.

The six members’ activities have continued for the rest of the year. On Wednesday, though, maknae Chansung released an official announcement, which surprised HOTTEST, the act’s fanclub.


Koreaboo released a report on the matter, sharing the details of the K-pop idol’s post. He took his “happy” news to Instagram and has since received support from fans and followers.

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Chansung Makes Announcement For 2PM Fans, Followers

The maknae of 2PM began by recalling his time in the industry. He shared that he started his career 15 years ago when he was 17 years old.

Chansung continued that “so many things” have already happened since, and lots of memories he has made. He then thanked their fans for all those things and consequently stated he had something to reveal “that will bring change.”


About Their Pregnancy And Upcoming Wedding

The 2PM member said that he has been dating someone for a long time. He did not reveal the name of his partner, but he emphasized how she serves as his “source of relief,” as well as his “friend and lover.”

He also explained that his now-fiance is not in the same field as he is. Accordingly, he will maintain her privacy, adding that he will not disclose any more information about the person.

Chansung stated that they have already begun preparing and planning for their marriage since his military discharge last January. But, while aiming to have a wedding early next year, “a blessing of a new life came earlier than expected.”


The K-pop star did not get into the details of their pregnancy, as well. Nevertheless, he confirmed that they are still in the early stages.

Exiting JYP Entertainment In 2022

In the latter part of the announcement, Chansung talked about his contract with JYP Entertainment. He said that his official links with the label will expire in 2022.

He revealed that, with this at hand, alongside the start of his new family, he decided not to renew his contract with the agency. He noted that he discussed the matter with the company, pointing out that his “future comes first.”


Despite the decision to exit, he assured the fans and followers of 2PM that he and JYP Entertainment “will always support each other’s development and growth.” Hence, there is no need to worry.