2AM To Make Much-Anticipated Appearance In Knowing Brothers

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JTBC’s Knowing Brothers is continuously seeing 2nd generation idol groups reunite, and one of the many is the magnificent vocal group, 2AM.

The 4-member boy group will join together and bring forth a good laugh to viewers in a hilarious preview of the upcoming Knowing Brothers episode. 2AM will “transfer” to the Knowing Brothers school as “students” and attempt to show off their vocal capabilities to the members.

The video preview also shows Jo Kwon proving their excellence and applaudable live singing, then ending with a humorous ment that 2AM “always swallows the CD.” This is an expression that says how the singers’ live vocals and the studio recorded version in CDs sound exactly the same.


2AM Teases With Live Performances Of Hit Songs

After making a surprise appearance at the Fall Festival of Knowing Brothers school, 2AM will once again fill the studio with passion and high-class performance.

The preview for the 2AM Knowing Brothers episode sees the vocal group showing off their excellence as they perform some of their hit songs such as “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” and “This Song.”

The youngest member, Jinwoon, also presents a unique personal talent that mesmerizes the members of the variety show.

Jinwoon's personal talent includes guessing the 2AM members by listening to the sound of them eating food. He even analyzed the characteristics of each member, which drew laughter after he says that Changmin chews like a camel.

Jinwoon’s talent parade also sees him imitating Jo Kwon, which further heightens the anticipation for the forthcoming episode’s release.

In addition, 2AM puts the members of Knowing Brothers in a test that evaluates their musical abilities. The members are assessed for their vocal range, rhythm, breathing, and even the most impossible talents.

Meanwhile, 2AM will showcase their endless charms on episode 315 of JTBC’s Knowing Brothers on January 15 at 8:40 PM KST.