26 Of The Best Card Artworks From the Kaladesh Block

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Here are 26 of the best card artworks from the Kaladesh block of Magic: The Gathering. We all differ from how we rate which card is the best, I respect that. Despite the differences on how we see it, most of us would agree that the design of this block looks fantastic. 

  1. Forest by Christine Choi

    It's quite relaxing to look at it, nature at its best.

  2. Aradara Express by Adam Paquette

    I wonder how huge it would be in real life!

  3. Bomat Bazaar Barge by Christine Choi

    I know car lovers would love to drive a real life Bomat Bazaar Barge!

  4. Disallow by Min Yum

    Anyone else thought it's like a scene from James Bond or Mission Impossible?

  5. Lightning Runner by Raymond Swanland

    I am a big fan of Raymond Swanland art. His art is so revolutionary, stunningly beautiful.

  6. Filigree Familiar by Izzy

    Oh, what a cute little pu.. Oh, no. It's a fox. A mechanical fox!

  7. Peacewalker Colossus by Vincent Proce

    Aside from the Funko Pop Planeswalkers, I hope they produce some goodies like this one too.

  8. Planar Bridge by Chase Stone

    I have seen a couple of rooms painted in 3D, and they look stunning.

    I will definitely love to see mine painted with this art.

  9. Voltaic Brawler by Raymond Swanland

    Another Raymond Swanland art with a little bit of tweak.

    I have never seen him drawn an art for MTG this colorful.

  10. Ghirapur Orrery by Zirngibl

    This brings me back to my Science class, it would be nice to create something like it and put it somewhere hanging around your house.

  11. Panharmonicon by Volkan Baga

    I definitely want to see a house with a front like this.

  12. Paradox Engine by Christine Choi

    It looks cool, definitely something worth to put in a museum if it's real.

  13. Aetherworks Marvel by James Paick

    Bumblebee, is that your leg or what? The artist really made a marvelous piece!

    One will surely agree.

  14. Inspiring Vantage by Jonas De Ro

    An Indian-inspired building, quite grand to look at.

  15. Herald of Anguish by Vincent Proce

    Of all the demons created in the game, this one has the best modern art.

  16. Spirebluff Canal by Adam Paquette

    It looks like a floating Venice - extraordinary beautiful!

  17. Concealed Courtyard by Jung Park

    I like how the artist created it by making us part of the art.

    It's like we are there, exactly at the shaded area looking at the center arena.  

  18. Botanical Sanctum by Christine Choi

    Have you ever been in a place as relaxing as what you see from this card?

  19. Blooming Marsh by Adam Paquette

    This lack something, maybe a fairy or two?

    It looks like Bitterblossom, beautiful indeed!

  20. Noxious Gearhulk by Lius Lasahido

    Somebody out there want big creatures like Noxious Gearhulk, and I think creating a life-sized one to put in the front of your LGS is a good idea. It looks scary but still beautiful.

  21. Combustible Gearhulk by Daarken

    At first, I thought he's one the Zendikons. He's huge and ready to explode!

  22. Cataclysmic Gearhulk by Victor Adame Minguez

    With its size, it really is cataclysmic to see a real life gearhulk!

  23. Aetherflux Reservoir by Cliff Childs

    Created with intense beauty. I wonder if a real life building will be created on its image anytime in the future.

  24. Torrential Gearhulk by Svetlin Velinov

    If you house is under fire, who are you gonna call? Torrential Gearhulk!

  25. Verdurous Gearhulk by Jaime Jones

    I thought Hulk is the largest green creature I have ever seen! I now doubt that!

  26. Ornithopter by Mathias Kollros

    The best or probably the most appealing of them all.

    I know, some people like me still love the old art, but it's really hard to ignore something that is quite attractive as this one.