24-Year-Old Guy Quits Job To Become A Full-Time Pokemon Go Player

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A 24-year-old guy from New Zealand has quit his job to focus on playing Pokemon Go full time.

Currie told The Guardian that he quit his job in Auckland to take a two-month Pokemon adventue across New Zealand - his ultimate goal is to catch 'em all.

"I wanted to have an adventure. I have been working for six years and I was desperate for a break. And Pokemon gave me the chance to live that dream."

In less than a week, Currie has booked 20 bus trips around New Zealand, and has already visited six towns on the South Island, and has already captured 90 of the game's 151 Pokemon (Mew doesn't count, but it's in the game).

So far, Currie's journey has been done on the cheap, sleeping in crowded backpacker dorms or on friend's couches.

Currie's mother, Tania Dobb said:

"Tom is a very spur-of-the-moment, independent kid, he always has been. His nana and I don't understand the game but I remember him loving it in his childhood. I am just glad he is out enjoying his life and seeing so much of New Zealand. I back him 100%."

That's cool that his mother is supportive on her son's quest to catch 'em all.

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