22% Of Netflix Subscribers Would Cancel Their Subscription Once Marvel Roster Is Removed

It looks like Netflix is going to lose quite a number of subscribers once Disney finally launches its streaming site, Disney+.

There's been a lot of excitement building up over Disney's upcoming streaming platform, not only because the site will dedicate itself to the Mickey Mouse House's offerings, but also because it will bring with it a slew of Marvel and Star Wars series. Of course, the arrival of Diseny+ will change the landscape of the streaming industry, affecting major sites like Netflix, and Hulu.

The Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult recently teamed up together to gather some stats regarding the upcoming change in the streaming landscape. The two asked adults subscribed to Netflix about what they felt about the impending arrival of Disney+ and the inevitable loss of Disney's properties on Netflix.

According to the results of the poll, 22 percent of subscribers who answered the poll would cancel their Netflix subscription if the site's Marvel movies were taken out of its roster. Meanwhile, another 20 percent would pull out their subscriptions if Netflix's Star Wars movies were removed. It might not be happening yet, but these losses are guaranteed. Disney is planning to pull out all of its content on Netflix once it completes Disney+, and the site is set to launch sometime later this year.

We can't really be certain how many subscribers might really leave, but we're sure that Netflix is certainly going to find itself in a bit of trouble once Disney+ arrives.

Marvel's latest release, Avengers: Endgame, is currently screening in cinemas.

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