20 Awesome Lord of the Rings Cosplays

J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings is one of the biggest names in fantasy. One of the things fans love most about Lord of the Rings is the unique and varied cast of characters, all with individual backgrounds that Tolkien has woven into the vast world he invented.Even though all of the movies are done, fans still enjoy creating costumes and cosplaying as their favorite characters. Let's take a look at 20 awesome Lord of the Rings cosplays! 

  1. The Eye of Sauron

  2. Grima Wormtounge

  3. Armor-Clad Sauron

  4. The Eye is Upon You

  5. Bilbo and His Trusty Steed

  6. Insane Treebeard Cosplay

  7. Adorable Little Hobbits

  8. Majestic Legolas

  9. Gandalf and Gimli

  10. Merry and Pippin, Featuring Stolen Vegetables

    via: Tumblr

  11. King of the Dead is Also King of the Colors

  12. Gandalf the White

  13. Sauron in the Flesh

  14. Sean Bean Would Be Proud of This Boromir Cosplay

  15. Legolas is Ready For Action

  16. Homeless Nazgul

  17. Don't Mess With the Witch King and His Crew

  18. A Tree Was Killed to Make This Treebeard Costume

  19. Stunning Likeness of Frodo

  20. This Orc Means Business

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