01 Jan 2021 1:49 PM +00:00 UTC

2 Kaldheim Magic: The Gathering Leaked Cards Reveal New Mechanics

Magic: The Gathering will kick-start 2021 with more official previews from the upcoming Norse mythology-inspired set, Kaldheim on January 7, but two more cards have been leaked today, giving us a look at how the new mechanics work.

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

The first Kaldheim leak revealed today is a rare card called Dragonkin Berserker reveals the new Boast mechanic, which lets you creature create a 5/5 red Dragon creature token with Flying if you pay the Boast cost, and only if you attacked this Human Berserker this turn. For this card, the Boast cost is five mana (one red, four colorless), and you can only activate it once each turn.

[KHM] Dragonkin Berserker (LEAK)

As a two-to-cast 2/2 creature with First Strike, and no drawback, Dragonkin Beserker looks strong in an aggressive dragon-focused build. It also makes Boast abilities cost 1 less to activate for each Dragon you control.

Another card leaked today is called Battle Mammoth, a mythic 6/5 rare green Elephant with Trample and Foretell - "During your turn, you may pay 2 (colorless mana) and exile this card from your hand face down. Cast it on a later turn for its foretell cost." The Foretell cost of this card is four mana (2 colorless, 2 green).

[KHM] Battle Mammoth (LEAK)

This is like a combination of Morph and Suspend mechanics, and being able to Foretell this by turn two helps smooth out your deck's mana curve. Battle Mammoth also lets you draw a card whenever a permanent you control becomes the target of a spell or ability.


So now we know how the two new mechanics of Kaldheim work. Boast and Foretell look like variations of mechanics we've seen in previous sets, but they both could create game-winning advantages. Kaldheim is also expected to bring back older mechanics like Snow, Vehicles, Saga, as well as the recently-introduced MDFC cards.

What do you think about the new mechanics of Kaldheim?

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Kaldheim is set to release on February 5, 2021 for tabletop, and Jan. 28 on Magic Arena and Magic Online. The set will be followed by Strixhaven: School of Mages, which is set to release sometime in Spring 2021.