17 of the Silliest Monsters in Fantasy

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When we think of fantasy creatures, we usually think of dragons, orcs, skeletons, and occasionally unicorns. But those are just the tip of the iceberg of what the strange and wild beastiary that makes up the whole spectrum of fantastical beasts from our favorite fantasy books and games. 

Unfortunately, while there have been many creative and unique monsters and beasts dreamed up over the years, there have also been a couple of creatures that are less cool or exciting, and more awkward and silly. Here's a few of fantasy's weirdest monsters!

  1. Froghemoth

    How do you make frogs scary in a fantasy setting? Easy! Slap some tentacles and extra eyes on them, and don’t forget to super-size them to elephantine proportions! Instant boss fight!

  2. Gelatinous Cube

    Ahh, the good ol’ Gelatnious Cube, because nothing’s more terrifying than a giant block of Jell-O that just sits there until you walk into it.

  3. Roving Mauler

    This fantasy starfish lion thing is just plain confusing. It moves itself via cartwheeling around constantly, but wouldn’t that make it insanely dizzy? I’m assuming the head can’t independently rotate or something like that.

  4. Achaieai

    In real life, land birds like cassowaries can be pretty bloody scary, and it’d make sense that fantasy settings would also feature giant birds of death and destruction. However, the awkward looking Achaieai is definitely not one of them, and looks like it’d trip over its own gangly legs if it tried to charge you.

  5. Ocularon

    All I can say about this floaty monster is that it looks like something that you’d pick out of your nose after a really bad cold...

  6. Thought Eater

    Although this creature got a redesign later in its tabletop RPG life, the Thought Eater looks like it spends its time pleading for the sweet release of death. I’m pretty sure if you ran into it while adventuring through a haunted castle, you’d probably feel more sad than intimidated.

  7. Xerfilstyx

    It’s a horrifying demon from the depths of hell, with the horrifying ability to drain your blood and memories from you in seconds with its touch! Best to stroll away from it as casually as possible, before it rears up on its snail-half and decides to oozes after you slowly.

  8. Disenchanter

    It’s a magic-eating purple camel thing. With a trunk. Because reasons.

  9. Flail Snail

    Don’t be fooled by this awesome piece of artwork from Pathfinder, cause not even being a giant dimension warping gastropod will make up for the being called a Flail Snail. I mean, talk about an bland, uninspired name! What’s next, a giant three eyed bison called the Wow Cow? A net throwing ursidae known as the Ensnare Bear?

  10. Hecatoncheires

    This ludicrous monstrosity is pretty much just a giant mass of armor, tentacles and sword-wielding arms rolling around hacking at stuff. Going up against this guy in a fight is probably just as dumb, since it’ll probably hack you to pieces before you get your turn to attack.

  11. Garbug

    This creature is essentially a flying mosquito/lobster hybrid, because why the heck not?

  12. Senmurv

    It’s a wolf merged with a giant tropical bird - how does that thing even stand up on its hind legs like that and not fall over?!

  13. Raggamoffyn

    The Raggamoffyn isn’t actually the awkwardly dressed orc you see here, but rather the very clothes he’s wearing; Raggamoffyns are magic sentient piles of random clothing and pieces of armor that hijack the bodies of larger beings. Their only goal, though, seems to be destroying any other magical clothing they come across in order to make more Raggamoffyns. It’d be a sinister plan if, you know, cloth wasn’t so vulnerable to things like fire, goats and moths.

  14. Lurker Above

    If you thought the Gelatinous Cube was silly, meet the Lurker Above! It’s a sort of giant square-ish manta ray that disguises itself as a part of room or cave’s ceiling, and is pretty much the last thing you’d expect to drop down and murder an unsuspecting adventurer. Forget orcs or dragons, these are the real horrors of the fantasy world.

  15. Flumph

    The flumph was the original flying spaghetti monster, only not nearly as cool or worthy of a religious following. Plus, their name sounds like they're just giant floating pillows.

  16. Beholder

    The Beholder is a classic mainstay monster in D&D, but when you really think about it, they're kind of an odd looking creature. I mean, they're more or less a giant floating eyeball with a bunch of smaller eyeballs on tentacles. They probably spend a fortune on contacts lenses.

  17. Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing

    Probably the silliest fantasy monster ever created, the Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing sounds like it’s the name of some sinister shape-shifting creature borne of evil magicks and horrible sorcerer, but actually… it’s a vegetable. Seriously. That weird tentacle thing up there with the rabbit for a hat? It’s all just a plant! A plant! You can probably kill it with a bottle of weed killer!