17 Badass Swords in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

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While laser pistols and magic spells are all the rage in many books, games and movies, one can't deny that swords, from simple steel to high tech contained plasma, can be really cool to see in action, no matter the setting.

So here's a list of some of our favorite swords from all of science fiction and fantasy!

  1. Energy Sword

    From: The Halo Series

    Once referred to as the Covenant's “Anti-son-of-a-bitch stick,” this plasma based sword has often been the last thing seen by many an unwary player wandering around forerunner ruins. Nothing stings more than getting thawked upside the head with this thing in Halo's PvP.

  2. The Master Sword

    From: The Legend of Zelda Series

    Probably one of the most iconic items in all of video game history, the master sword is a mythical blade that makes an appearance in many of the Zelda games. Legend has it is often only able to be wielded by a hero who proves themselves to have strong courage, wisdom and power - in other words, you!

  3. Sword of Omens

    From: Thundercats

    Ahh, nostalgia! A near indestructible blade, the Sword of Omens from the popular 1980's cartoon not only plays a major role in the story whenever Lion-o assembles his team, but also somehow contains an an intergalactic power source in its hilt. Its capable of slicing through steel and stone alike, shooting energy blasts, and changing shape from a dagger to full sized longsword. Definitiely a versitile weapon, but I'm surprised no one's worried about what would happen to all that infinite energy crammed in there if it was somehow broken...

  4. Crysknife

    From: Dune

    Okay, so while technically not a full-on sword, the Crysknife from Dune deserves to be on this list purely because it just so happens to be forged from the crystal teeth of Dune’s infamously giant sandworms. It's definitely an awesome weapon as its "bonded" to its user; crysknives end up disintegrating if seperated from its owner for too long. Very useful in the event it ever gets stolen off of you when you're on vacation somewhere less sandy.

  5. Longclaw

    From: Game of Thrones

    A longsword made with powerful Valyrian steel, Longclaw is carried by Jon Snow throughout his adventures in the Night’s Watch. Its unique composition makes it a hardy weapon capable of incredible feats, which I’d describe here if it wouldn’t involve some spoilers. Suffice to say, Jon Snow kicks some serious ass with it on several occasions.

  6. Sting

    From: The Hobbit

    An elven shortsword found by Bilbo Baggins in a troll’s treasure stash, this magic weapon glows blue whenever there are orcs or goblins near its bearer. It also doubles as a great nightlight!

  7. Buster Sword

    From: Final Fantasy VII

    Final Fantasy isn’t known for having practicality in mind with its various weapons or costumes, and the Buster Sword is no exception. The trademark sword wielded by Cloud Strife is somewhere between five and six feet long, features a single sharp blade and can be granted special powers by installed materia orbs. Though in all honesty, I have no idea how anyone could throw this weapon around as easily as Cloud does, you'd think he'd get a spinal injury just trying to pick it up.

  8. Kirkhammer

    From: Bloodborne

    While this may at first look like a simple long sword, the Kirkhammer from Bloodborne is a trick weapon that’s also capable of transforming into a gargantuan, two-handed maul. It's perfect for when you need to stab a werewolf with lightning speed, or say "hell with it" and pummel them into the ground with block of solid steel.

  9. Bat’leth

    From: Star Trek: The Next Generation

    Qapla'! This chosen melee weapon of the Klingon Empire, the bat’leth looks like it may be an unconventional weapon to use in hand-to-hand combat, but in the right hands can be a brutal implement of death. Quite the honorable weapon for those who like challenging enemies to death over matters of honor, loyalty, and parking spaces.

  10. Sword of Gryffindor

    From: Harry Potter

    A thousand year sword owned by one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Sword of Gryffindor is used by Harry Potter during his quest to defeat his arch-nemesis Voldemort and destroy his Horcruxes. Unfortunately, Harry seems to keep losing it over the course of the books - you'd think he'd put some sort of magical lojack system on it.

  11. Dragonslayer

    From: Berserk

    A massive, oversized bastard sword, the Dragonslayer is more like a giant slab of steel than an actual bladed weapon. The demon-slayer Guts uses it to great effect, cleaving through soldiers, demons, and monsters alike with just a few swings. And given how dark and gritty the Berserk manga can be, the Dragonslayer's handiwork is drawn in lovingly gory detail. Seriously, google it! Just not during work hours.

  12. The Possible Sword

    From: The Scar

    I haven't had the chance to read this book by fantasy author China Mieville, but from what I can tell it's set in an incredibly detailed world of floating cities, magical golems, and the Possible Sword; a weapon that pretty much breaks reality whenever it gets used. It basically enables you to use any and all possible sword strikes available to you in a given situation, parrying and stabbing an enemy a hundred times over before they even blink! It would be really hard to figure out how to convert this weird longsword into a special weapon for your next D&D game.

  13. Chainsword

    From: Warhammer 40,000

    The 40k universe is hardly known for its subtlety, since most of it’s all about giant armored superhumans battling alien horrors with handheld automatic cannons and all. And if there’s one weapon that fits the exaggerated brutality of Warhammer, it’s the chainsword; a close combat weapon bristling with razor sharp teeth perfect for ripping apart insectoid monsters or crazy cultists. Even more hilariously, this wepaon is usually the standard issue for regular troops!

  14. Excalibur

    From: Merlin

    There have been many legends about King Arthur and his mythical sword Excalibur; some say he pulled it from a stone and others say he was given it by a magical lady in the lake. It’s even said as being so bright that it was capable of blinding Arthur’s foes when wielded in battle.

  15. Scissor Blade

    From: Kill La Kill

    Asides from all the wierd sexual innuendo this series has all over the place, one thing that sticks out from this anime series is Ryūko's red gigantic scissor blade. Seemingly the only item capable of cutting through the super powered uniforms everyone in the series wears, this blade has a special "Decapitation Mode" that extends its reach even further - a nice, over the top touch in a series that's already way crazy.

  16. Andúril

    From: Lord of the Rings

    Also known as the Flame of the West, Andúril is the sword Aragon wields while taking the fight to Sauron’s army. Reforged from the broken pieces of a sword wielded by the former king of Gondor, it was reforged by the elves of Rivendell and given to Aragon along with an enchanted scabbard to ensure the sword was never broken again. That enchantment (at least in the books) also helped keep the sword clean, which was useful given how often Aragon was hacking off orc heads left and right. 

  17. Lightsaber

    From: Star Wars

    Of course the lightsaber’s going to be on this list; it is after all a civilized weapon for a more civilized age. Used by the noble Jedi Order (and their Dark Side counterparts), this blade of pure energy in the right hands can block blaster shots and cleave through the heaviest of armor. It's probably the coolest, most iconic and slightly overpowered melee weapon in all of sci-fi. Just be careful not to drop it on your foot.

    Did we leave out your favorite badass sword? Let us know in the comments!