14 Star Wars Breakfast Ideas That Will Awaken The Force Within You

Tired of plain old cereal and toast for breakfast? Feel like you could do so much more, but have no idea what that something is? What if I told you that you could be a Jedi. Well a Jedi of the kitchen at least. Here are 14 of the coolest ideas to turn your plain breakfast into something even Emperor Palpatine would envy.

  1. Star Wars Pancakes Shaped Like Your Favorite Characters

    Bring your favorite Star Wars characters from the bigscreen straight to your plate. Do battle against the francise's greatest heroes and villians armed with only with a fork and syrup. It's amazing what you can make with a steady hand and a bowl of batter.

  2. A More Advanced 3-D AT-AT Pancake

    Why stack your pancakes when you can fuse them together to make a 3D version of your favorite war machine? The only way you could make this cooler was if you had the Imperial Walkers hop out of the pan and strut over onto your plate.

  3. Vader-Cakes

    Only a Jedi master would think to use sugar as shading for this epic Darth Vader pancake. 

  4. ChewBacon

    Chewbacca never looked so delicious. The design seems so easy that recreate that even a Padawan like me could make it.

  5. All Terrain Bacon Transporter (AT-BT)

    I don't know what it is with Star War fans, but they sure do like making 3-D AT-AT sculptures out of breakfast food. Half of me wants to go pick bacon off of it and the other half wants to leave it alone in a respect of art.


  6. Star Wars Painted Eggs

    No breakfast can be complete without some eggs. Why not use thes that feature some egg-cellent Star Wars art. 

  7. R2-D2 Soft Boiled Eggs

    These are not the droids you are looking for. No wonder the Empire wanted to find them, I bet they were  hungry.

  8. Secret Soup Messages

    Ever get the feeling that your soup is trying to tell you something? Maybe a Sith Lord out there decided to let you know that he appreciates you.

  9. The Dark Side Of Breakfast

    Hey I was promised cookies not burnt toast. Regardless, it looks cool I can't vouch for its taste though.

  10. Troop Loops

    A balanced part of any clone's breakfast. Troop Loops are for those mornings when you have to grab something quick so you’re not late stopping the rebels

  11. Homemade Bantha Milk

    So simple just add a bit of blue food coloring to a glass of milk and voila homade bantha milk.

  12. Princess Leia's Hot Buns

    Watch your family's eyes light up when you show them that you woke up extra early to make them Leia Buns. Everybody loves a Danish to start the morning.

  13. The Death Star Melon

    Find yourself with a watermellon and some time, why not carve into a likeness of your favorite battlestation. The Death Star Melon is suprisingly healthy desipite its name.

  14. Wookie Cookies

    Wait, I thought that the dark side was the ones with the cookies. No matter which side you are on, I think we can agree these cookies look delicious.

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