11 Marvel Characters Who Can Beat Superman

When it comes to the discussion of the strongest character in comic books, Superman would often be included. Although the Man of Steel is not exactly the greatest force when it comes to the comics’ realm, his various powers have made him nearly invincible. While it is true that there are battles he fought and was defeated, he still comes back up. Even though he came from the DC universe, many fans are still wondering about the Marvel characters who can beat Superman or go against the powerful Kal-El.

How will he handle the threat that comes from the Marvel universe? In some DC and Marvel crossover events, it has been quite touched on but most of his battles came to a standstill. Despite being strong and powerful, Superman has weaknesses as well. These weaknesses can be the edge that certain characters can use against him.

Here are 11 Marvel Characters Who Can Beat Superman:

  1. Thor

    Marvel’s adaptation of Thor has certain similarities with Superman. Thor’s alter-ego, Donald Blake, has a very similar appeal to Superman’s Clark Kent. Both Superman and Thor were sent to Earth, although for different purposes. Moreover, Thor also wears a red cape which is very similar to Superman’s iconic red cape.

    In the case that the two superheroes would fight each other, it will surely be a slugfest as the two characters will hammer each other until one of them goes down. The two are more likely at the same level when it comes to strength and fighting capability, Thor has one particular advantage over Superman. That advantage is Thor’s ability to use magic. Superman is quite vulnerable when it comes to magic. Thor is Odin and Gaea’s son, giving him magical abilities. Thor may use some of his magical abilities to somehow gain an edge over Superman and make him vulnerable in some way.

  2. Professor X

    Superman is known to be faster and stronger than almost all of the X-Men characters, If Superman goes head-to-head with the mutants in Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, he can wreak some havoc into it. However, when it comes to Xavier’s mind, it is quite a different story for Superman. 

    Superman is quite susceptible to telepathic attacks. He even admitted at some point that having his mind-controlled is one of his fears. Xavier is the most powerful telepath but he does not misuse his powers. However, if he somehow needs to fight Superman, he may not have much choice but use his telepathic abilities to shut down Superman’s mind. Superman is stronger physically but if it involves a mental fight, he will have a hard time

  3. Jean Grey/Phoenix

    Superman can essentially take on some cosmic forces but fighting someone who has once wiped out an entire solar system can be something beyond him. Jean Grey was able to control the Phoenix at some point but it remains a primal cosmic force holding incredible power which even defeated the Avengers and the X-Men.

    When the Phoenix is cut loose, there will be no physical body left to attack. There is nothing left but a massive firebird that Superman will have a hard time to pummel down. This cosmic creature can defeat Superman as it also gains more power by feasting upon the sun.

  4. Doctor Strange

    It is well-known that Superman’s weakness is kryptonite. Aside from it, his other weakness is magic. This makes him vulnerable when his enemy’s main power comes from magic. When it comes to physical fights, Doctor Strange is not that good compared to Superman. Nonetheless, if he goes against Superman, he can use his magical powers to give himself the advantage.

    Strange doesn’t even need to get close or near Superman. He can just wave his hands and send Superman to another dimension. He can make use of various energies and spells to weaken Superman. Doctor Strange is held back by the old Hippocratic Oath which means he won’t take Superman’s life, but he can defeat Superman using his magic.

  5. Thanos

    With the Infinity Gauntlet, the fight may have been over before it even begins. If Thanos has no Infinity Gauntlet, he can still be a serious challenger for Superman. When it comes to raw power, Thanos has fought with the Hulk and many Avengers wherein he can hold himself up.

    Thanos is also a brilliant fighter and a tactical strategist. He is also cunning with him allowing his opponent to put down his guard by giving a false sense of victory before striking back. This Titan character is ruthless and can distract Superman before striking his fatal blow. Whether he has the Gauntlet or doesn’t, he is a cosmic being that can defeat Superman.

  6. Ant-Man

    This is probably an unexpected choice to say that he can somehow defeat the Kryptonian powerhouse. Before anything else, it is important to understand Ant-man’s powers and how he can use them to defeat Superman. He uses a gaseous form of the “Pym particles’ which is kept in his belt’s compartment. Ant-Man has the power to shrink himself at first. Over time, he has acquired the power to change his size. He can grow so big the same way he can become small.

    However, it is not his big size that will defeat Superman. It is his ant size that may be able to take Superman down. Ant-man can shrink his size and enter Superman’s head. Ant-man can be strategic by using a distraction, get into Superman’s head, and bring in a kryptonite weapon to weaken Superman. He can even have a kryptonite bomb which can rip apart Superman from the inside.

  7. Scarlet Witch

    Wanda Maximoff is a Marvel character that cannot be easily trifled with. Scarlet Witch is the strongest mutant in the Marvel universe aside from her ability to use chaos magic. Scarlet Witch has the ability of chaos magic reality-warping which is her main power. She can warp reality and existence, as well as bring destruction to the cosmos.

    As previously mentioned, magic is one of Superman’s weaknesses and Scarlet Witch is oozing with a very powerful magical ability. She can even warp reality at a planetary level. She also has hex bolts. With hex bolts, Wanda can manipulate energy fields to varying degrees. With this in mind, Wanda can make use of her hex bolts and chaos magic to defeat Superman.

  8. Doctor Doom

    Victor Von Doom is the gypsy boy who became a genius inventor, dark sorcerer, and monarch. Superman can overpower Doom physically and he c do it fast. Doom’s armor is no match to Superman’s strength. However, it has to be noted that Doom has a variety of skills that can defeat the Kryptonian.

    Doctor Doom can use his scientific skills to replicate or locate kryptonite. As mentioned, he is a genius inventor. He can use his intelligence to build an energy weapon that can make use of kryptonite-based energy beams. Aside from his intelligence, he can use magic to defeat Superman. Combining both science and magic in his arsenal, Doctor Doom can stand a chance in defeating Superman.

  9. X-Man

    X-Man has telekinetic and telepathic abilities. He can augment his physical strength using telekinetic body armor which means X-Man can use telekinesis to match the physical prowess of Kal-El and combat him. He also has telepathic abilities that are powerful enough even for Professor X. 

    As mentioned, Superman is quite susceptible to mind control and X-Man’s telepathic powers can subdue him. Superman’s advantage against X-Man is his raw strength, combat experience, and speed. Still, X-Man’s telepathic ability can affect Superman’s defenses and offenses.

  10. The Beyonder

    The Beyonder is an infinite-dimensional entity that was initially portrayed as the most powerful being within the Marvel Comics multiverse. In fact, when a hole opened in the multiverse called ‘Beyonder’, The Beyonder kidnapped heroes and villains to put them on a planet called Battleworld to make them fight just for his entertainment. The Beyonder is in no doubt one of the Marvel characters who can beat Superman.

    The Beyonder is only a little bit hampered by his curiosity about humans. The Beyonder is an entire reality that has taken the form of a human to explore the Marvel universe. The Beyonder was retconned on Fantastic Four#319 where he was turned into an incomplete Cosmic Cube having the Molecule Man as his other half. In his pre-retcon state, he was the embodiment of the Beyond Realm, making him a million times more powerful compared to the entire multiverse combined.

  11. The Sentry

    The Sentry is a new character in the Marvel universe. When it comes to physical strength, the Sentry is the most powerful being in the entire Marvel universe. He also has powers that are very similar to Superman. The Sentry has stamina, durability, speed, agility, dexterity, high intelligence, and reflexes. He also has a regenerative healing factor. Just like Superman, he is fast. He can travel at a speed that exceeds even the speed of light.

    His ability is at par with Superman but where the Sentry has an edge is his telepathic abilities. Since both characters have similar abilities, one edge is enough to tilt the victory to one side. Using his similar powers and his telepathic abilities to control or distract Superman, the Sentry can take down the Kryptonian.

    Different variables may be included in the fight making the outcomes unpredictable. There are some characters in the list that can be easily defeated by Superman. However, there are cosmic beings whose existence is made of an entire reality that can take down Superman without a hitch. Nevertheless, if there are other factors such as Superman teaming up with other cosmic forces, the battle outcome will be uncertain.

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