10 things to Do While Waiting for Game of Thrones Season 5

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As ever, it’s been a long winter for the vast legions of Thrones fans; waiting for those 10 glorious weeks of the year when we live once more. Yet like with so much prolonging it’s that final stretch that becomes the hardest to endure. When your destiny emerges out of the horizon but we have to venture on, seeing it every day but not quite reaching it. With just 4 weeks until the April 12th season premier and the latest trailers and photos tantalising us in every direction we’re left chomping at the bite of geekyness for that magical Sunday night. You’ve re-watched the past seasons to death; you’ve re-read the books, what more can you do? Here at Epicstream, we’re hurting right there with you. So to help you through these last 28 days, like some time killing milk of the poppy, here’s our ten strong banquet table of ideas and Internet fun to help it pass a little smoother....

  1. Plan your season premier party!

    The star’s go all out so why shouldn’t you? Don’t just squiggle your butt back into that same couch cushion mould on April 12th. Gather your many awesome geeky friends and honour the return of the best show on television with a night that all the Gods (old and new) would be proud of! This is something that many people across the realms have already done and posted their tips and tricks for pulling off a night that even a Lanister would gawp at (feel free to invite us!). From amazing food and drink ideas to incredible invites and decorations everything you need is out there, from the easy and affordable to the lavish. Here are some of our favourites (a Joffrey dart board is a must!). If you have any great ideas of your own pop them in the comments.

    Featured link- How to Have a Game of Thrones Party

  2. Place your bets!

    Just because Dany she’s going to break the wheel this year doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few spins. Get an email betting/predictions ring going with your friends about how things will go down this season. Keep away from book certainties and focus on more trivial details that you have to guess at. How many on screen deaths each episode? Who’ll be the first character to swear or say given catchphrases like “Winter is coming”, “Valar morghulis” or “A Lanister always pays his debts”? The time of the first on screen nudity/dragon appearance/sword fight? Which episode will get the highest/lowest ratings? Anything you like really that isn’t overly plot specific or obvious. You can setup a league and leader board with your friends to update each week but for best results don’t put any money/gold on it. Just keep it fun and just use a forfeit or favour system i.e. whenever’s in last place has to wear an embarrassing costume to your season finale party (which of course you’ll having after your season premier party is such a success!). Or make your own novelty trophy for the victor.

  3. Learn to speak Dothraki!

    Being able to throw down a few phrases in Klingon is cool if you’re looking to impress someone in their 40's at ComiCon. If you really want to get the girl, tell her she’s your Moon and Stars like a true Horse Lord. This great website offers a full breakdown of tutorials from beginners to advance. Clicking on the main page will also provide links to similar Valyrian tutorials.

    Featured Link- Learn Dothraki

  4. Braid you hair like a Westeros maiden!

    One for the ladies or the majestic locked males. Save you spent years gazing at the elaborate styles of your favourite female characters but never tried (at least successfully) to own that look yourself? Well this site has five great styles all laid out for you in step by step guides. Get your girlies together, get the wine flowing and make a night of trying the different looks out on each other. As well as having a fun evening you may get some great ideas for making the scene at your season premier party!

    Click here to find out

  5. Read some fan fiction!

    While this double F combination has taken a bit of a bad rap recently following mass monstrosity Twilight fan fiction that is 50 Shades of Grey. While there’s certainly a lot of “wanting” stories out there (and of course some that are just bloody awful) there’s still plenty of great reads for the keen fan to enjoy. This is a link to many different recommend stories along with their synopsis. Pick something you like the sound of and see where it takes you. Maybe even write your own story in between seasons 5 and 6?


  6. Browse some fan art!

    While the visuals we get in Game of Thrones never fail to delight, the imagination at creativity of the right fans can take things to a whole new level of amazement. In a similar fashion to the fan fiction here’s some links to galleries of phenomenal fan art collections.

    Featured link- Game of Thrones fan art

  7. Learn to sword fight!

    You’ve been watching the Hound slice men in half your years and wondering just how hard it could be. Well take these few weeks as chance to back that confidence up the basic techniques so that next time someone challenges you to a trial by combat, you’ll hear a bell ring..... ‘cause they’re about to get schooled! Whether broad sword hacking and slashing is your thing, or a dainty water dance of poking them with the pointy end the guys at learn-sword-fighting.com have a great series of short videos each focusing a different move.

    learn-sword-fighting.com We are offering online courses for medieval sword fighting also known as historical european martial arts. On our website you find * easy to understand video...


  8. Watch School of Thrones!

    It’s a short fix but a firm personal favourite. This three part web series hilariously parodies main stories from seasons 1 and 2 into a high school setting. Plus extreme bonus points for working both Mean Girls and The Breakfast Club (among other high school movies) into the mix as well.


  9. Take it to the bedroom!

    Not one for the Bran’s and Marcella’s out there (or the eunuchs and Nights Watch I suppose) but those nights of waiting need filling just as well as the days and winter isn’t the only thing that’s.... on its way. Some people out there have clearly given this a great deal of thought and compiled suggestive lists for and your other half to try out or just plain laugh at.

    Featured links: Game of Thrones Kama Sutra 

    Game of Thrones-Inspired Sex Moves

  10. Watch Vikings!

    The final and hopefully most redundant point on the list; but just in case Odin’s watchful gaze has escaped anyone out there, Michael Hirst’s (The Tudors) outstanding Norse warrior based series is an absolute must see for any Thrones fans. Though it may lack the budget of our beloved HBO series, the characters and gritty, fast moving story telling is utterly priceless as we follow the life of legendary Viking hero, Ragnar Lothbrok. New episodes of season 3 are showing every Thursday on The History Channel (the one with crazy “aliens” guy) or you can quickly catch up on seasons one and two through your online service of choice.

    Well, I hope that any or all of the above help these 4 weeks fly by at dragon pace. Keep following Epicstream for all the latest Game of Thrones news and weekly episode reviews once the series returns. For now, hold fast, season five is coming!