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10 Smartest Things the Teens of All of Us Are Dead Did to Survive Zombies

Credit: Netflix

What differentiates All of Us Are Dead from most horror properties, is that the teenagers trapped in their High School campus, surrounded by zombies do not make stupid decisions. Every time they go from one area to another, it always feels rewarding because every effort comes with hard work and a carefully planned strategy. As they use the equipment and materials available in any school area, we can imagine ourselves to be just as resourceful as the kids are in this Korean zombie series. Us easily imagining that we are in the same situation as these kids is the secret to All of Us Are Dead's success.

So make this list your survival guide in the upcoming zombie apocalypse.


  1. Always Going for the Phones and Internet Connections

    Master of Horror Alfred Hitchcock once said "They don't go to the police because it's boring." And somehow that meant thousands of horror movies decades later have characters choose to ignore their phones. When they do pick up the phone, they tell the cops a story they would obviously not believe.

    While it is hard to argue with Alfred Hitchcock, it is also hard to argue that the character using the phone does not devalue All of Us Are Dead's quality one bit.

    When they do have the opportunity to call for help, they skip the part where the school is overrun by zombies because obviously, they won't believe them. Take note, always say there is a fire.

  2. Always Sticking Together

    This might seem simple, but tell it to the countless horror movies where a bunch of horny teens always decides to split up to cover more ground even when there is a serial killer on the loose.

    In All of Us Are Dead, the key to their survival starts with them deciding to always stick together. Even when Nam-Ra is turning into a hambie (half-human, half-zombie) after the initial panic, they decide to still let her stay, and they are rewarded with a secret weapon.

    Because they are always together, they are free to brainstorm, work together, strategize every next move. None of the next entries of this list would be possible if they all did not decide to stick together.

  3. Wearing Makeshift Armor

    Everybody knows that a zombie plague always spreads through their bites. So when the kids of All of Us Are Dead got to the auditorium supply room, they make sure to create makeshift armors out of every sports supply they can find. From elbow pads, knee pads, to the always valuable baseball gloves they can stick to any part of their body. Min-Jin even made shoulder pads out of baseball gloves.

    It does not protect every part of their body but they make do with what they can find.

  4. Using a Drone for Reconnaissance

    With the group still stuck at the broadcasting center, and with Cheong-San's whereabouts a mystery, On-Jo remembers that there is a drone in the science room they can use to try and find where he is.

    The drone turns out to be really useful as it allowed them not only to find where Cheong-San is but also to survey all the areas in the school and which parts are free from zombies.

    It even allowed Ji-Min to know that her parents died trying to go to the school to rescue her. It may be bad news for her but is still valuable information.

    A nice touch is that the teens have attached a note to the drone just in case rescuers would see it.

  5. Building a Barricade to Escape the Music Room

    The group is stuck in the music room with many zombies ready to kill them in the halls if they decide to go out. On-Jo thought of a plan where they put everything they can find like tables, cabinets chairs, all of it, tied together like a barricade in the middle of the room.

    From the two doors in the room, they would open one from the other side to let all the zombies in. When all the zombies empty the hall as they go to the other side of the music room, the kids are free to open the door on their side and then run the halls while they can.

    It is one risky plan where they don't even know if the barricade would last while a stampeding crowd of zombies pushes on it, but it luckily barely worked, allowing the kids to make a run to the roof.

  6. Using the PA System to Lure Away the Zombies

    The teens realized that the zombies respond to sound. Since they are in the broadcasting center where the school does their regular announcements, they realized they can use the PA system to lure the zombies away to the other side of the building. They just have to turn on the speakers from one side of the building.

    This allows the group to make a run to the music room where Cheong-San is in. The PA System also has the added benefit of letting Cheong-San know of their plan to get to him.

  7. Turning a Fire Hose into a Rope

    When the teens are stuck in the science room, they saw a fire hose and realize they can use it as a rope to get to the rooms below that is not in danger of being invaded by zombies any time soon.

    Once they grabbed it, the kids think quickly, tying knots to the hose in regular intervals they can use to hold their hands and feet. This allows them to go to the evermore useful broadcasting center.

  8. Going to the Archery Center for More Arrows

    Luckily, as two of the teens stuck in school are in the archery varsity club, they are already armed with their stick and string they call a bow. There is a temptation for anyone to make a break to the school exits. Ha-Ri with her clear thinking realized they should make sure they can defend themselves first to survive going to the exits and suggest going to the archery center to get more arrows.

    It turns out to be the right decision, as they only barely managed to survive the trip there, let alone if they go for the exits. By going there, they got to the more roomy gym area and were assured they are armed for the next move.

  9. Going to the Mountains

    When it started to rain, the teens finally have the means to satisfy their thirst after days of no water. It also has the added benefit of learning that the zombies can barely see anything, as the sounds of the raindrops and thunder are blocking their sound-tracking senses.

    Also no longer hoping to be rescued, the teens decide to rescue themselves. They decide that they should all go to the mountains instead of the roads, as the sound of thunder would be more abundant there. Aside from that, as there are more zombies in the city streets, they rightfully deduce that there would be fewer zombies in the wilderness. Giving the teens a safer and quicker route to get to the next town.

  10. Creating a Makeshift Toilet in the Recording Room

    Being stuck in the broadcasting center for so long, the teens realized that they all need to go to the bathroom. Given that the broadcasting center is split into two rooms, they made the recording room their bathroom.

    They ingeniously assemble all the moisture-absorbing materials in the room like a piece of a mop and cloth for a makeshift toilet. While using the filing cabinets as a means of privacy.

    We would like to say that we would be as resourceful as these kids are in the same situation, but who are we kidding, what they thought of here is genius.

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