10 Most Epic Moments in The Mandalorian That Are Not Action

The Mandalorian is an action-oriented TV show, and when it comes to that, it's the best on TV. But it is also great at mood and atmosphere. If it wants us to feel something, the is no doubt we will feel it. There is no shortage of epic moments in this show even if the people are not wrecking violence at each other. Sometimes the tensest moment does not involve someone doing a punch. Most times the most emotional moments are characters in utter silence as we absorb what they are truly thinking in those moments. Sometimes the fan service is really great fan service.

These are the top 10 most epic moments sparkled throughout the show's two great seasons.

  1. Ashoka Communicates With Grogu - Season 2 Episode 5 The Jedi

    throughout the second season, Din Djarin has been trying to find a Jedi so that Baby Yoda can be trained and be home with his pack. Then here comes fan-favorite character Ashoka, as she lives and breathes for the first time in live-action and she looks great. Suddenly, it is a meeting of two fan-favorite characters and we are at the edge of our seats what will happen. Both of them just stare at each other in front of a beautiful moonlight, like they are having an unspoken spiritual conversation with each other that lasts for hours.

    When they are done, we are rewarded will an information explosion on Baby Yoda's mysterious past. He was actually in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant trained by many masters over his 50 years, and have luckily survived. He may be cute and cuddly but he is not without many traumas. At last, it is revealed that Baby Yoda's real name is Grogu. In our hearts, though, he will always be known as Baby Yoda.

  2. The Mandalorian's Face is Revealed - Season 1 Episode 8 Redemption

    For the bulk of season 1, The Mandalorian has his helmet on. Not many television protagonists have their faces hidden in most of their screen time, but the Mandalorian is different, so when we finally do get a glimpse of his face, it is a special event. That event finally happened in the last episode of season 1, when he is heavily injured by Moff Gideon and his helmet needs to be removed by IG-11 for medical care.

    Normally even in this critical state, The Mandalorian would not show his face to anyone, but since IG-11 is a droid, he is not technically a living person, creating a loophole where the Mandalorian can take off his helmet. It is expected that when The Mandalorian finally does show his face to the audience, it would be in the most flattering light possible, but in a subversion, it is shown when he is injured, sweating, and bleeding. In a way, it is proper - If The Mandalorian should show his face, it would be only in his most vulnerable state, forced to abandon the honor of his creed.

    This scene is also a sign of maturity for The Mandalorian, as he is slowly trusting IG-11, even if it means trusting him with his life and his code of honor.

  3. The Mandalorian Gives the Metal Ball to Baby Yoda - Season 1 Episode 3 The Sin

    After The Mandalorian gave Baby Yoda to the remaining members of the Empire, he should feel a huge sense of victory. He got a huge pile of beskar for giving Baby Yoda to the Empire that became his new shiny armor. He also has achieved the respect of the guild. But something feels off - He cannot stop worrying about what will happen to Baby Yoda, and feels guilty because Baby Yoda saved him before from a giant beast only for Mando to betray him by handing Baby Yoda to the Empire. When The Mandalorian is about to leave for his next bounty mission, he sees the metal ball that is supposed to be attached to a lever of his ship's controls, is not in its proper place. He remembers that Baby Yoda used to play with the ball. After a pause, the Mandalorian finally goes out to rescue Baby Yoda.

    After many struggles to get Baby Yoda back, the two of them are back on the ship. When in the first part of the episode, The Mandalorian keeps on insisting that Baby Yoda should not touch the metal ball on the lever, this time when he sees Baby Yoda reaching for it, it is Mandalorian who gives it to him. Slowly but surely, The Mandalorian is becoming Baby Yoda's surrogate father.

  4. Darksaber Revealed - Season 1 Episode 8 Redemption

    Just when we thought it is the last we saw of Moff Gideon, he suddenly cuts out of the wreckage of his TIE fighter with a lightsaber. Not just any lightsaber, but the Darksaber- The saber forged by the first Mandalorian Jedi and treasure to the remaining Mandalorians. No one realized that we would ever see the Darksaber again let alone in live-action, but here it is, fully realized as we have never seen before.

    To those in the know, it is a shock to see the Darksaber in live-action, but to the uninitiated, it is still a shock to see a black lightsaber. Suddenly, there are a lot of questions about where the story goes and who Moff Gideon is. Is he some kind of Jedi? Is he a Mandalorian? Any answer was interesting.

  5. The Mandalorian Meets Baby Yoda Season 1 Episode 1 The Mandalorian

    When the Din Djarin went out for his bounty mission, he is told that the asset is 50 years old. To his surprise, when he sees the asset it is an infant child. Then we see that it is the same species as Yoda, and we instantly understand why it is still a baby. Din's partner, the droid bounty hunter, IG-11 said the instruction is to kill it, and the droid was about to do it, only for the Mandalorian to kill IG-11 instead.

    This is a glimpse of The Mandalorian's heart. When he sees that the asset is a child, he could not kill it. But there is something more than that. It is obvious that he has some kind of connection with this Baby Yoda. We understand from the previous scene that the Din was once a child who lost his family to the chaos of war. We realize that Din sees himself in Baby Yoda.

    In later episodes, we found out that Din as a child was rescued by Mandalorians from droids that were about to kill him. The moment he met Baby Yoda mirrors this event. We understand while Din sees himself in Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda sees Din as a larger-than-life savior the same way Din saw the Mandalorian when he was a child.

  6. Every Time Baby Yoda is Doing Something Cute - Every Episode

    Every time the camera is on Baby Yoda, we can count that he is doing something that is the cutest thing in the galaxy. Whether he is eating something that is inappropriate, imitating The Mandalorian's actions, or not listening to a word The Mandalorian is saying, we can count that our eyes are glued to the screen. He does not even need to do anything and it is still must-watch TV.

  7. IG-11 Sacrifices Himself for Baby Yoda - Season 1 Episode 8 Redemption

    Din Djarin has a hard time trusting IG-11 over the fact that the droid tried to kill Baby Yoda in the past and because of his general prejudice against droids. Logically, IG-11 has been reprogrammed and is no longer a hunter that Din hates, but the emotion of Din triumphs over his logic.

    Over the span of this episode, IG-11 does things that endear him to the audience - Protecting Baby Yoda, helping the heroes out when cornered by the Imperials, and giving Din medical care when he needs it most. Clearly, he is no longer the droid he once was.

    While the heroes are traveling in a tunnel to escape the Imperials, they realized that a platoon of stormtroopers is at the end of the tunnel waiting for them. IG-11 volunteered to face the Storm Troopers alone by activating his self-destruct protocol when he gets out of the tunnel before the others. Din Djarin tries to talk him out of it, but Ig-11 insists. All of Din Djarin's prejudice against droids disappear at this moment, being sad over the coming death of this Droid he used to mistrust. He even said, "we need you" like he is saying goodbye to a loved one.

    It is an entirely selfless act by a droid who seems incapable to care for himself, only for the life of Baby Yoda and his "friends." There's nothing to be sad about, though. He was never alive to begin with.

  8. Mayfeld Faces His Former Commanding Officer - Season 2 Episode 7 The Believer

    Mayfeld is only featured in two episodes, but the character became instantly 3 dimensional with this one scene. Bringing about an excellent exploration of how the Imperial troops experienced the Empire and how broken the system was for them.

    When Din Djarin needs him for a mission to locate Moff Gideon's star destroyer and save Grogu, he reluctantly brought along Migs Mayfeld for his history of being an Imperial. They infiltrate a secret Imperial mining hub in Morak with stormtrooper disguise to get the coordinates. There they are confronted by Valin Hess, who was Mayfeld's former commanding officer. Luckily he does not recognize Mayfeld and invites them to a toast.

    While the 3 of them are on the table, Mayfeld decided to poke the bear by asking to toast for Operation Cynder - An operation where Mayfeld saw many of his fellow Imperials die, thousands of lives gone in an instant because of the decisions of Valin Hess. Actor Richard Brake as Valin is outstandingly delicious to hate here, going on and on about how those deaths were worth it for the good of the Empire with a big smile on his and obvious pride, only to say that he plans to bring on bigger deaths in the future for the cause. Every word he says with a grin is dripping with venom and you just want to punch the guy. You look at Mayfeld with Bill Burr's fine acting and you see every word is torture to him, and his anger just keeps on building and building until he cannot help it anymore and he shoots him with his blaster.

    This scene is one of the best scenes in The Mandalorian coming from a character like Migs Meyfeld whose only appeal is that he is played by Bill Burr. Now Mayfeld is one of the best characters in the series, and Bill Burr's acting ability is no longer underestimated.

  9. The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Part Ways - Season 2 Episode 8 The Rescue

    Din Djarin finally did it, he has found a Jedi that would have Grogu. It is a bittersweet moment though, for it means Din has to say goodbye to his son. With a sad voice, Din promises that they will meet each other again.

    Grogu tries to touch his face, but the helmet is in the way. In showing how much it means to him that he says goodbye the right way, Din Djarin took off his helmet for the first time in full view of everyone in the room only so Grogu can see his real face and touch it. Like the other few scenes where we see Din's face, he looks vulnerable, almost in tears. In the final seconds of the seasons, Din Djarin has to look as Grogu is being carried away from him. Forget about Romeo & Juliet, this is the real epic tragedy.

  10. Luke Skywalker - Season 2 Episode 8 The Rescue

    We all suspect that when Ashoka sent Mando and Grogu to find another Jedi that they might come across Luke Skywalker, but in the back of our minds we thought it might just be some fan-motivated fantasy. Then the X-Wing came. Then a dark hooded man came out of it. We suspect that it might be Luke we are not so sure. Then a green lightsaber, then a robotic hand. Our anticipation just to see his face is through the roof.

    Then it finally happened, he took off the hood to reveal the face of our lord and savior, Luke Skywalker. Just like the audience, every character who is looking at Luke is in awe of his presence. It is a momentous occasion, one that is unlikely to be repeated in the show's history, let alone in Star Wars.

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