10 Moments From Netflix The Witcher Worth Tossing A Coin For

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Credit: Netflix

The fantasy genre is thriving right now with an influx of new shows blessing our screens all in the hopes of becoming the next Game of Thrones. Among these, The Witcher has been one of the more successful ones. Henry Cavill has proven perfect for the role of the gruff no-nonsense Geralt and after two seasons of monster-slaying and destiny chasing, we have been graced with numerous awesome moments that Jaskier would kill to turn into a rousing tune. While we wait for The Witcher Season 3, here are ten moments from The Witcher worth tossing a coin for.


  1. The Law Of Surprise - Season 1 Episode 4 Of Banquets, Bastards And Burials

    After being saved by Geralt during a banquet in Cintra, Duny insists on rewarding him. Geralt not really wanting anything in return and scoffing at the idea of destiny jokingly claims the Law of Surprise which means he will be rewarded with something Duny possesses yet is still unaware of. We and the guests then learn that his beloved Pavetta is pregnant with Ciri thus intertwining their destinies and setting in motion future events. Geralt just came to party but suddenly came out a father.

  2. The Teleportation Chase - Season 1 Episode 4 Of Banquets, Bastards And Burials

    Having spent the last 30 years cleaning up political messes and basically babysitting Queen Kalis, Yennefer who did everything to get a seat at a royal court has realized court life is not all it’s cracked up to be. She is escorting the queen when a mage assassin with a terrifying pet monster shows up. It turns out he had been hired by the King himself who has grown frustrated at the Queen’s failure to produce a male heir. Yennefer conjures a portal which she and the queen and her baby jump through escaping to a desert landscape. Their relief is brief as the mage can track them imbuing the sequence with a sense of danger and suspense heightening the tension significantly. Yennefer and the queen jump from portal to portal unable to escape. Exhausted, Yeneffer finally leaves the ungrateful Queen attempting to flee with the baby which she fails to save as well as establishing that danger may appear at any moment anywhere in the Continent.

  3. Ciri Tackling The Pendulum At Kaer Morhen - Season 2 Episode 3 What Is Lost

    After her arrival in Kaer Morhen, Ciri is mocked by some of the other Witchers who see her as nothing more than a dainty spoiled princess. While it’s true that she is unaccustomed to the more modest lodgings, she also possesses a fierce spirit which everyone bears witness to in her attempts to surpass the Pendulum. She gets hit and falls multiple times but displays a stubborn determination refusing to quit and trying repeatedly. Soon enough every Witcher is watching in admiration and cheering her on. Geralt himself arrives to witness her nearly completing the course in a rousing sequence. Ciri may have fallen short but she did more than enough to display her resolve to earn everyone’s respect. They didn’t call her a spoiled princess after that.

  4. Jaskier Goes Viral With ‘Toss A Coin To Your Witcher’ - Season 1 Episode 2 Four Marks

    Jaskier the Bard became a fun traveling companion for the stoic Geralt. He also mined all their adventures for artistic material belting out catchy tunes about the heroics of the White Wolf and helping sway public opinion in Geralt’s favor. Of these, “Toss a Coin to your Witcher” remains a highlight owing to its easy-to-follow rhythm and upbeat tone with a hint of sadness. The song became a viral hit not just on The Continent but on Earth as well turning into an online sensation with various remixes and memes. Perhaps most crucially it helped establish the fun tone of the show recalling 90’s pulp serials like Hercules and signifying that this would be a much more entertaining romp than some of the other ultra-serious entries in the fantasy genre.

  5. The Massacre At Blaviken - Season 1 Episode 1 The End’s Beginning

    Right out of the gate The Witcher came out swinging. Cavil’s muscular charisma was on full display as Geralt faced off against Renfri and her men stunning us all with the brutality and swiftness with which he wielded his longsword. The choreography is first-rate while the cinematography perfectly captures every move allowing us to appreciate Geralt’s balletic deadliness. It was an extremely effective moment that opened our eyes to how brutal, unmerciful, and unfair the Continent could be while also establishing the Witcher as a definitive badass not to be trifled with.

    Aside from that, Renfri actress, Emma Appleton has a lot of charisma. She has the star power that would have made for a good series regular, so it is unfortunate that we only got her for one episode.

  6. The Face Off With Voleth Meir - Season 2 Episode 8 Family

    In this final showdown, Ciri is trapped inside her subconscious having been possessed by Voleth Meir who intends to use her to control the monolith and open a gateway home. Geralt is not alone though his fellow Witcher’s as well Yennefer and even Jaskier are all present to help him save Ciri. It leads to a suspenseful sequence with Witchers fighting rampaging basilisks while Geralt goes eye to eye in an intense stare-off as he tries to reach Ciri. It’s an appropriately action-packed moment mixed in with emotional stakes emphasizing once again the lengths Geralt is willing to go to protect Ciri. Later in the episode, we also couldn’t help but let out a yelp of excitement upon seeing that Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri would be continuing the journey together. After two seasons of perilous adventures on differing paths, they are united at last.

  7. The Battle Of Sodden Hill - Season 1 Episode 8 Much More

    One thing The Witcher excels at is its portrayal of magical powers. Mages have a limited supply of power and we can sense their strength slowly being sapped the more spells they cast. This adds a lot of suspense to the battle of Sodden where the mages have gathered against the invading forces of Nilfgaard. The mages cannot just spam attack spells continuously and we see the growing fatigue in their faces as they slowly sacrifice themselves in battle one by one. It is here that Yennefer of Vengerberg fully embraces the chaos allowing it to flow through her then unleashing it upon the Nilfgaard army in a fiery display revealing to us just how powerful Yennefer can be.

  8. The Battle With The Bruxa - Season 2 Episode 1 A Grain Of Truth

    On the way to Kaer Morhen, Geralt and Ciri stop to rest at the home of Nivellen, an old friend of Geralt. Geralt senses that something is afoot and discovers that Nivellen has actually been harboring a bruxa that he had found injured and nursed to health. Being cursed to never die, Nivellen had been allowing the Bruxa to feast on his flesh during the evenings to her hunger. Clearly, in love with Nivellen, the Bruxa is easily the most sympathetic monster Geralt has faced. She also takes a liking to Ciri sensing that she too feels an acute sense of loneliness for being different. The ensuing battle is both tense and tragic and best drives home one of the themes of the series as to whether man really is any better than the beasts that roam the continent. Of course, the Bruxa did also devour a bunch of innocent villagers in the nearby town but hey, a monster’s got to eat.

  9. Geralt Fights The Striga - Season 1 Episode 3 Betrayer Moon

    One of The Witcher’s more intense battles is Geralt’s showdown against the Striga, a woman cursed and turned into a monster. In order to turn her back, she must not be allowed back into her crypt until the rooster crows for the third time in the morning. Determined to undo the curse, Geralt first binds the Striga with silver chains. She promptly breaks free causing a distressed Geralt to realize he is in for a long night as he mustn’t kill her while avoiding being killed. After much suffering, Geralt is able to lock himself inside Striga’s tomb keeping her out and thus breaking the curse. Henry Cavil’s performance is pitch-perfect capturing the equal parts, worry, emotional weight, and intensity of Geralt at this moment.

  10. ‘Mine’ - Season 2 Episode 7 Voleth Meir

    Throughout season 2 it is obvious that Geralt cares deeply for Ciri and that their bond is growing stronger the more time they spend around each other. He has been protecting her from all sorts of monsters and threats and has been patiently training her in order to allow her to fend for herself when the need arises. He has ignored everyone who tells him that he is not capable of helping her stating that he will not abandon her. When Yennefer takes Ciri we can see the stunned confusion and hurt on Geralt’s face. He quickly chases after them with the help of a troupe of dwarves filled with anger at Yennefer’s betrayal. One of the dwarfs asked if the girl is his and with the utmost intensity Geralt utters the words “mine.” To hear Geralt publicly and emphatically state that Ciri is indeed his is emotionally satisfying and the culmination of their relationship as Geralt fully commits to the role of father.

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