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10 Funniest Moments in One Piece

One Piece can be deadly serious, and if it wants to, it can make the toughest man cry. But it can also brighten one's day, and it is also very, very funny. It can go toe-to-toe with the funniest manga and anime any time. One Piece's visual style is perfect for flexible action as well as cartoony slapstick. If anyone doubts the level of artistry One Piece has, one would just need to look at characters' faces and see the variety of funny reactions Oda can employ.

So climb aboard, as we x marks the spot for the king of pirate comedy. Why not? The best part of a joke is always when someone explains why it's funny.

  1. Luffy Singing in Skypiea

    When Luffy got lost and separated from the crew in the woods of Upper Yard on Skypiea, instead of panicking or worrying, Luffy treats it as a hiking adventure. As he walks, he sings a song he composed called, "Baka Song"(Idiot's Song). Called that way because the last word in every verse is "baka."

    Not only is the song kind of nonsensical and silly, but the funny part is also the way Luffy sings it. He is a horrible singer, but he sings it with relaxed joy like he has no care in the world.

    Because an opponent appeared in front of him, we do not get to hear the third verse of the song. To this day, fans are still requesting Eiichiro Oda to reveal the third verse.

  2. There's a Hot Swordswoman with Meat

    Gekko Moria has the power to steal shadows from people, the side effect of which is that the people that he stole shadows from will be in a sleep for a long while.

    When the rest of the Straw Hats sees Luffy, Zorro, and Sanji, sleeping, they did everything to wake them up, even beating them up, but to no avail. Usopp then goes all serious and tells the others he knows a way to wake them up. He then shouts with all the air in his lungs that there is a hot swordswoman with meat.

    All three of them slowly wakes up with a serious look on their face. Luffy responding to the word "meat", Sanji responding to "hot", and Zorro responding to "swordswoman".

  3. Buggy is a Shichibukai

    Buggy the Clown is one of the funniest characters in One Piece in a list of hilarious characters, but he is also one of the weakest Pirate Captains given that he is an early villain.

    The funniest Buggy the Clown running gag is that his strength as a pirate is always overinflated by other pirates who think he is at the same level as the most powerful pirates in the series. They treat him like a god, despite most of them in reality, being deadlier pirates than Buggy and have higher bounties than him. Buggy arguably has the ability to produce just as many followers as Luffy himself.

    After the time skip, it took a long time until we get to see Buggy again. It also took us a long time to get a complete roster of the new lineup of Shichibukai. It turns out, Buggy's legend became so vast across the seas, that he is now a part of the Shichibukai with thousands of followers. He even has a strong arms business that rivals Doflamingo's. One day he might even become a Yonko. A Pirate King, why not?

  4. Meeting Crocus

    The Straw Hats just crossed over the Red Line, and out of nowhere, they have seen the biggest creature they have come across so far in their journey; a whale the size of a mountain. So when they got swallowed up in it while in the Going Merry, they are tense as ever.

    They are in the stomach, but for some reason, there is a fake skyline and a small island with a cabin. There is also a giant squid that attacked the Going Merry, only for a harpoon that came from the small island to kill it. The Straw Hats do not know if the person on the island helped them or is just fishing.

    Not knowing what will come next, they tense up when someone comes out of the cabin. The signature drum beat every time something gets serious is heard. The man coming out of the cabin is enveloped in shadow. When he shows himself, he has intense features with eyes that can pierce through a soul and keeps lingering on the Straw Hats as he walks. The Strawhats are on full alert what is going to happen, only for the man to sit down on a chair and read a newspaper.

    Usopp tells the man that if he does anything they have cannons. When he said this, the man's eyes become even tenser towards them. He tells the Strawhats that if they fire, someone will die, putting a thick atmosphere in the air. Sanji asks who would die. The man answers comedically, that he himself would, making Sanji annoyed, he wants to kill the guy.

    Zoro calms Sanji down, and asks calmly who the man is. The man glares at them intensely again, and tells Zoro, if he wants something, it is only proper manners to introduce himself first. So Zoro tries to introduce himself, only for the man to overtake his words and start to introduce himself. He comedically tells him everything: His name, his occupation, his age, his blood type, and so on. As he does this, Zorro becomes equally angry as Sanji, and is comedically shaking his hand as he is reaching for his sword.

    A good introduction for Crocus, who we will later learn is one of the Roger Pirates. Can't you appreciate a good running gag?

  5. The Straw Hat's Synchronized Reactions

    In the Wano arc, half of the Straw Hat crew went ahead to Wano, while the other half just arrived without the knowledge of the other.

    During this time, Luffy got defeated by Kaido in one hit and is sent to prison. This became news all around Wano, and we get to see half of the Straw Hat crew's reaction to the news.

    The crew are separated around Wano but have the same exact reaction. They are all happy to see that Luffy has arrived in Wano, then when they see the part of the news that he is captured and imprisoned, their face turns to comedic abject horror.

    If it was just Zorro, Usopp, Franky, and Sanji doing a comedic face, the joke would not land in its full potential. What made this joke special is that Nico Robin also made the face - Nico Robin, the Straw Hat who before never gets this type of comedic face. And so an internet meme is born.

  6. Sniper Island is Inside Our Hearts

    Luffy and Usopp had an intense fight, so Usopp is no longer in the crew. When Nico Robin is kidnapped by CP9, Usopp is too proud to come along, so disguises himself with a mask and a cape, calling himself Sogeking.

    Everybody to their Grandmother knows he is Usopp, except for Luffy and Chopper who are star-struck meeting a superhero for the first time. Sogeking even gives Chopper his autograph.

    The best part is when Chopper asks where Sniper Island is, the island Sogeking tells them he originates from. Sogeking tells them dramatically that it is in their hearts, to the jaw-dropped reaction of Luffy and Chopper. What's even funnier is that while he said this, he is dramatically singing the Sentai Sogeking theme song he made for himself.

  7. Luffy Punches Laboon's Eye

    The Straw Hats just crossed the Red Line, but to their surprise, a mountain-sized whale is right in front of them. The Going Merry is too fast and will hit the whale dead on, attracting his attention. Everybody panics and goes to stop the steering rudder. Except for Luffy who, in his stupidity, fired a canon straight to the whale to slow the ship down, to the scared comedic reactions of the rest of the crew. The ship still hits the whale and broke Merry's figurehead, to the anger of Luffy.

    When the crew realized that the whale still did not notice them most of the Straw Hats scrumble to run away from the whale as quickly as possible, except for Luffy who is so angry that the figurehead is broken that he punched the whale's giant eye in front of them, again to the comedic scared reaction of the rest of the crew.

    After a pause, the eye finally looked at the Straw Hats to the panic of the crew. It is then that the Going Merry and the Straw Hats are swallowed by the whale. Then again, many important events in One Piece would not have happened if Luffy did not punch the whale called, Laboon.

  8. Duval's Face Reveal

    There is a running gag that Sanji does not have a bounty despite being just as strong as Luffy and Zorro. When the entire crew finally gets a bounty poster, it is only Sanji that does not have a photograph of his face, only a crude drawing.

    Then a couple of adventures later, a mysterious masked man named Duval shows up with a grudge against the Straw Hats, especially Sanji.

    Fans theorized who this masked man might be. Many thought he might be a returning villain, maybe even Don Kriege, based on the physique. Who it ends up being is better than any returning villain.

    It turns out, Duval is a new character who looks exactly like the sketch on Sanji's wanted poster. Whose life became a miserable hell of escaping from the Marines because they always mistake him for Sanji. With a tragic backstory like that, who wouldn't want revenge on the Straw Hats.

  9. Pica's Voice

    Here comes Pica, a literal mountain of a man. He emerges from the ground, a giant that can lay waste to the entire Dressrosa population with just one swing of his arm. The atmosphere is filled with tense seriousness as the Straw Hats gasp in his presence.

    Then he talks with his high-pitched voice, opposite of his intimidating presence. When Luffy hears his voice, he laughs with tears in his eyes. Even Zorro cannot help but laugh at his voice every time he speaks.

    The even funnier part is that Pica's underlings know that Pica is sensitive about his voice and will be merciless to anyone who laughs at him, so all of them are nervous when Luffy laughed. Every time someone laughs at Pica, we see have a close-up of Pica's eyes being filled with anger, which makes it even more hilarious.

  10. Geezer Tree and Unicorn

    Even by One Piece standards, seeing a zombie unicorn and a zombie tree sharing a drink is one bizarre image. That image alone is funny. Luffy's reaction to it is also funny. He is almost speechless, then contemplates that it is a unicorn and a geezer tree, "geezer" being in reference to what happened earlier when Luffy thinks that a human zombie is just an old man full of wounds.

    Then we have a funny scene where the panicked unicorn and tree are being chased by the Straw Hats by the command of Luffy. When they are captured, it turns out Luffy is trying to recruit them to be a part of the Straw Hats.

    It did not happen but think about the endless possibilities if they accepted being a part of the crew. Geezer Tree and Unicorn would have tragically disappeared along with the rest of the Straw Hats in Sabaody Archipelago. Then we get to see how strong they have become after two years of training. The possibilities are endless.

What are other funny jokes did we miss worthy for this list?

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