10 Best Episodes Of The Flash

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Not long after Arrow reinvigorated fan interest in superheroes on the small screen, Central City’s Scarlet Speedster received his very own series on The CW. Since then, many fans have argued that The Flash actually exceeds its predecessor in terms of quality, which is nothing short of an anomaly when it comes to spinoffs.

With three seasons in the can and a fourth one quickly approaching, we here at Epicstream decided to look back at the series as a whole and see which episodes managed to cross the finish line first. Grab your running shoes and stretch those legs, because these are our picks for the 10 best episodes of The Flash:

  1. Rogue Air (S1E22)

    Now here’s an episode that takes full advantage of The CW’s shared superhero universe. Not only does Flash call in Firestorm to lend a helping hand against the Reverse-Flash, but he also gets an assist from Oliver, whose League of Assassins garb serves as a painful reminder of Arrow’s lackluster third season plot. Still, it was great to see Ollie act more like himself on The Flash than he did in his own show, even if it was only for a few minutes. What’s more, we also get to see Barry form an uneasy alliance with Captain Cold, which naturally goes south but is fun while it lasts. Elsewhere, we get some heartfelt moments between Eddie and Iris, which helps set the perfectly tragic tone for the former’s impending selfless act in the season finale.

  2. Infantino Street (S3E22)

    Named after the legendary Carmine Infantino, this episode sees Barry pull out all stops to try and save Iris, with only 24 hours left until she’s murdered by Savitar. That means teaming up once again with Captain Cold, and unlike “Rogue Air,” there’s no double-crossing this time around. The dynamic between Barry and Snart throughout the A.R.G.U.S. heist is electric, and the teamwork displayed by the duo as they get past King Shark and steal the Dominator’s power source is a satisfying-yet-sore reminder of how much character Wentworth Miller brought to this show. However, the true heart of “Infantino Street” lies in its closing moments, where we see Savitar make good on his threat by killing Iris. Sure, most of us didn’t really believe it was her but watching Barry weep as he holds the lifeless body of what appears to be the women he loves in his arms is heartbreaking, nonetheless.

  3. Invasion! (S3E8)

    The second chapter in the Arrowverse’s 2016 four(ish)-part crossover is where “Invasion!” really kicks into gear, as we finally witness the long-awaited introduction of Supergirl into the world of Flash, Green Arrow, and the Legends of Tomorrow. However, while the threat of the Dominators is the catalyst for this massive team-up, it’s the smaller character beats that truly elevate the episode. The banter between Heatwave and Supergirl? Pure gold! And while the spectacle of this crossover could have easily overshadowed the fact that this is an episode of The Flash, the Scarlet Speedster is still at the forefront of the narrative thanks to the team’s discovery of his ominous message from the future, which naturally doesn’t sit right with the timeline-defending Legends of Tomorrow. It’s nice to see just how far the ramifications of “Flashpoint” actually stretch, especially when you have the entire Arrowverse roster sharing the screen.

  4. Flash vs. Arrow (S1E8)

    Back when The CW’s superhero scene wasn’t quite as crowded, we got our first major Arrowverse crossover in the form of “Flash vs. Arrow.” It’s the villainous Captain Boomerang that draws the Emerald Archer to Central City in the first place, but the majority of the episode is actually an examination of the dichotomy between “Flash vs. Arrow’s” eponymous heroes, who come from two tonally opposite shows. Oliver giving Barry lessons to point out his flawed approach to dealing with criminals is a firm and painful (for Barry) reminder that the happy-go-lucky Scarlet Speedster still has a lot to learn, and it serves to further exemplify just how different the pair are from one another. Contrasting personalities aside, the eventual Prism-induced clash between the two heroes is the real icing on the cake, and Diggle’s hilarious reaction to Barry’s super-speed will never stop being amazing.

  5. Welcome to Earth-2 (S2E13)

    The Flash has always been one of the Arrowverse’s most fun series, and “Welcome to Earth-2” is a perfect example of this. From Barry coming face to face with his bumbling doppelganger to the villainous Deadshot turning into the worst marksman in the CCPD to Joe becoming a cool, jazzy singer with a hatred for Barry, this episode is chock full of alternate reality hilarity. There’s no shortage of action, either, as Barry and Cisco must deal with familiar-faced evil doppelgangers including Killer Frost, Deathstorm, and Reverb. It’s refreshing to see the main cast step well outside of their comfort zones, particularly in the cases of Cisco and Caitlin, as the former would go on to incorporate elements of his doppelganger into his character moving forward and the latter has since gone full-on Killer Frost.

  6. The Man in the Yellow Suit (S1E9)

    The Flash’s first showdown with the Reverse-Flash certainly helped raise the stakes in a series that, after eight episodes, was still finding its footing. However, “The Man in the Yellow Suit” delivers some truly heartfelt moments, as well, which complements the action and brings some levity to this midseason finale. Caitlin reuniting with her assumed dead fiancé Ronnie, who’s now the metahuman Firestorm, is a powerful moment, and the father/son beats between Barry and his two father figures, Henry and Joe, are as compelling as ever. Still, these moments pale in comparison to the revelation that the Reverse-Flash is none other than Barry’s mentor Harrison Wells (or at least the man who’s been masquerading as Harrison Wells). It was an excellent way to close out the first half of The Flash’s debut season, leaving fans with plenty of questions to ponder over for the next few months.

  7. The Trap (S1E20)

    Packed with Easter eggs, exposition, and excitement, “The Trap” sees Team Flash attempt to trick Wells into confessing to the murder of Nora Allen by recreating the conditions from an alternate timeline in which he owned up to the deed. It’s a bittersweet moment when we learn that despite his sinister secrets, Wells has grown to love his team, and this episode truly cements Tom Cavanaugh’s Season 1 incarnation of Wells as the best version of the character we’ve gotten thus far. It’s also a nice change of pace to ditch the villain-of-the-week formula and instead focus almost entirely on the season’s big-bad in the continued buildup to the season finale, which appropriately raises the stakes for the Scarlet Speedster’s impending climactic battle with his opposite opponent. 

  8. Enter Zoom (S2E6)

    Zoom is far and away the most terrifying Flash villain to date, and that reputation is largely due to this episode. Between catching Flash’s lighting and hurling it back at him to breaking his spine to carrying around his limp body as a trophy while he gives his villainous speech, it’s utterly shocking to see just how badly the Scarlet Speedster is manhandled by his new foe. With the Reverse-Flash, his goals were largely personal, but Zoom is nothing short of an absolute monster, which is the message “Enter Zoom” delivers emphatically in an episode that packs all the high-stakes drama of a midseason finale.

  9. Fast Enough (S1E23)

    After an exciting first season, The Flash managed to go out with quite a bang. The sight of the future Barry signaling to his past self not to save his mother is a fun reference to “Flashpoint,” as well as a clever bit of foreshadowing for the Season 2 finale, and Eddie’s sacrifice is absolutely heartbreaking. The episode also introduces audiences to the type of Earth-shattering, timeline-altering themes that would become prevalent in the series moving forward. Most importantly, though, is the fact that the final scene gets your heart racing, then closes without a definitive ending, bringing the concept of cliffhangers to new heights and leaving you salivating for more. Plus, the tease of Jay Garrick’s helmet is easily one of the best Easter eggs of the season.

  10. Out of Time (S1E15)

    What a roller coaster of emotions this episode is. Wells reveals to more than just the audience that he’s the Reverse-Flash, Cisco is killed, Barry reveals his secret identity to Iris, and a massive tsunami destroys Central City. That is until Barry undoes it all by going back in time, giving fans their first taste of the Scarlet Speedster’s ability to traverse time and space (you know, before it became an overused and convoluted plot device in Season 3). “Out of Time” is an episode that’s every bit as epic in scope as a season finale, which is surprising considering it actually marks the beginning of the buildup to the finale. That’s the beauty of The Flash, though, particularly in the earlier seasons: You didn’t always need a special occasion to get an episode of such tremendous and captivating proportions because nearly every time the Scarlet Speedster was on-screen, he raised the bar to astounding new heights.

    What about you? Did your favorite episodes make the list? Let us know in the comments section!