10 Best Easter Eggs From Jessica Jones Season 2

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The Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe welcomed its newest addition on March 8, with the release of Season 2 of Jessica Jones.

While arguably not as strong as Season 1, there are still plenty of fun nods and references to not just the MCU but from the comics, as well. With that in mind, here are the 10 best Easter eggs from Jessica Jones Season 2:

  1. The Whizzer and the… Mongoose?

    In Episode 1, we see Jessica meet with several individuals seeking her help. Among them is a heavyset gentleman by the name of Robert Coleman, who introduces himself as the Whizzer. This, of course, is a direct nod to the much more physically fit speedster Robert Frank, aka the Whizzer, who debuted in USA Comics #1 in 1941. Although Coleman has super-speed and sports a similar yellow-and-blue color scheme, the two characters don’t share too much else in common… except for the mongoose connection. In the show, Coleman has a pet mongoose named Emil, while in the comics, Frank’s powers are the result of a blood transfusion with a mongoose (because why not?), which is performed by his father, Dr. Emil Frank.

  2. ‘My Scrotey-Sense is Tingling’

    While the aforementioned Whizzer puts a spin on the classic “with great power comes great responsibility” line, there’s a far more… clever (?) Spider-Man reference in Episode 2, courtesy of Trish’s new boyfriend Griffin. When Jessica arrives as Trish’s apartment, Griffin tells her he can sense something’s wrong because of a tingling sensation in his testicles – a sensation he’s apparently come to associate with danger, though not for the obvious reasons. Of course, Jessica doesn’t let that line slide, mocking Griffin by referring to that feeling as his “Scrotey-Sense,” which is certainly a unique spin on Peter’s iconic Spidey-Sense. Wait, is “unique” the right word?

  3. The Ringmaster

    In Episode 1, Jessica attempts something well outside of her comfort zone: hypnotherapy. Naturally, it goes about as well as you’d expect, but it’s worth noting that Trish refers to the hypnotherapist as Dr. Tiboldt. In the comics, Maynard Tiboldt is the villain known as the Ringmaster, whose power was – you guessed it – hypnosis. Of course, the version in the show is just an ordinary hypnotherapist and not the head honcho of the Circus of Crime, but it’s still a fun shout-out for longtime comic fans.

  4. Dr. Karl Malus

    Another doctor to appear in the show, albeit in a much more prominent role, is Dr. Karl Malus, who’s the man behind IGH and Jessica’s powers. However, while Malus is presented as a would-be hero – at least in his own eyes – his comic-book-counterpart is far less altruistic in his endeavors. Traditionally a Spider-Woman villain, Dr. Malus conducted inhumane experiments on super-powered beings and illegal immigrants, and most recently, he was bonded to the Carnage symbiote. 

  5. The David Mack Paintings

    In the comic book community, the names most associated with Jessica Jones are her co-creators Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. However, another name readers are likely familiar with is David Mack; more importantly, they’re likely familiar with his beautiful painted art that graced the covers of Alias and Jessica Jones. That same art graced our screens in the Netflix series, as the painting Oscar gives to Jessica (the one of her sleeping) is, in actuality, the work of David Mack, created exclusively for the show.

  6. Obligatory Stan Lee Cameo

    In Episode 9, we get our obligatory Stan Lee cameo, which – in Marvel’s Netflix series – generally comes in the form of a photograph or poster. In Jessica Jones, it’s an ad on the back of a bus – the first time he isn’t depicted as police officer Captain Forbush. Still, it’s an ad for a personal injury law firm called Forbush and Associates, so Marvel appears to be keeping Not Brand Echh’s Irving Forbush, aka Forbush-Man, alive for the time being.

  7. The Hellcat Nods

    It’s no secret that in the comics, Patsy Walker is the alter ego of the superheroine Hellcat, and this season, we get a handful of nods to Trish’s comic-book-counterpart. The most obvious is her appropriately cat-like reflexes when she nearly drops her cell phone in Episode 13 – a clear side effect of Dr. Malus’ procedure. However, let’s not forget that, in order to perform that procedure, Trish and Dr. Malus had to stop at a veterinary clinic to pick up “FVRCP… a feline distemper vaccine.” Also, when Trish is recovering in the hospital after the procedure, a nurse says she’s used “two of [her] nine lives.” And how about when she saves Malcolm from those three thugs, and she scratches one of them across the face? Why not just give her the costume, already?

  8. The Raft

    In previous series/seasons, Marvel would use references to “the incident” (the Chitauri invasion in The Avengers) as a means of connecting the Netflix series to the greater MCU. In Jessica Jones Season 2, though, there’s no mention of the incident; instead, they namedrop the super-maximum-security prison for super-powered criminals that we saw in Captain America: Civil War – the Raft. First introduced in Alias #26, the Raft in the comics is located just outside of Ryker's Island, NY and is operated by S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s been used to house a number of super-villains over the years, but perhaps most relevant, at least to Jessica, is Zebediah Killgrave, aka the Purple Man.

  9. Cap’s Shield

    Even before Oscar took a liking to Jessica, his son Vido was more than elated to be living in the same building as a super-powered being. So elated, that he didn’t hesitate to invite Jessica to his room to see his prized Captain America action figure, which he says he lost the shield for. Nevertheless, he managed to make a new one out of a magnet. This is not only a nod to Cap losing/giving up his shield in Civil War but also the Silver Age version of the character, who used magnets to ensure his shield always returned to him after throwing it. This was show displayed in the opening sequence of Avengers: Age of Ultron as well.

  10. A Subtle X-Men Nod?

    Admittedly, this one’s a bit of a stretch… When Jessica and Alisa are on the run from the police, they nearly hit a roadblock, but thankfully, Alisa’s able to find a detour to keep them from being apprehended. However, thanks to the cell phone that was left in the RV, Detective Costa is able to determine the pair is in Westchester County. Since the show takes places in NY and they’d have to go through Westchester County to get to the amusement park from the final episode, this makes sense, but one can’t help but think of the X-Men – specifically Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, which was originally located in Westchester.

    What about you? What Easter eggs did you spot in Season 2 of Jessica Jones? Let us know in the comments section!