Stunning New Rumor Suggests Disney Could End Up Buying Out DC Comics

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May 24, 2021  11:40 AM

There's no denying that Marvel is the undisputed king of comic book and superhero films right now and Marvel Studios recently proved that they can also bring their A-game on television. Still, give credit where credit is due as DC is obviously trying its best to keep up with its "rival" company despite how convoluted the brand's own shared film universe has become. 


But have you ever imagined how things would be like if both Marvel and DC existed under the same umbrella and were both operated by Disney? Some fans have actually been toying with that mindboggling idea for years now and according to a stunning new rumor, we may actually be close to seeing it happen.


According to an intriguing scoop from Cosmic Book News, AT&T is planning to let go of its entertainment sector altogether and the reason behind WarnerMedia and Discovery's high profile merger is to allow the company to potentially sell the conglomerate down the line. Of course, most fans are aware that DC Comics is owned by Warner Bros. which is then operating under the WarnerMedia banner.

As mindblowing as it is, I personally don't buy into the rumor simply because it would render the much-talked-about WarnerMedia and Discovery merger completely pointless but who knows? I mean, if AT&T's plan was to get rid of its entertainment section all along, why go through all the hassle of merging both companies in the first place? 

Then again, looking back, nobody saw Disney’s acquisition of brands like Marvel, Star Wars, and 20th Century Fox coming so I guess anything is truly possible for the House of Mouse. But honestly, if only DC and WB could get their act together and produce successful projects, AT&T would generate more profit out of it as opposed to them selling out the companies to their longtime competitors.

Other details about the $43 billion deal to merge WarnerMedia and Discovery have yet to be disclosed.

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