Zendaya Reveals Marvel Had Plans for MJ to Become a Superhero

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One of the main characters of the Spider-Man trilogy in the MCU is Zendaya's MJ, who became Peter Parker's love interest in the last two films. It keeps with the tradition of a classic Spider-Man story where the titular hero gets to have a romantic interest whether it's Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy. For this iteration, Marvel Studios opted for an original character named Michelle Jones (MJ).

In a recent interview discussing Spider-Man: No Way Home, Zendaya was asked if there were plans to turn MJ into a superhero as well. The actress quickly answered with "No, no, no." Tom Holland chimed in and revealed, "They were trying for a while, though, remember that?" Zendaya didn't explain further as she pointed at her co-star and said, "Yeah, but I leave the superhero-ing to this one."

It's not clear which superhero would MJ turn into if Marvel proceeded with the plan but there's a possibility that it could be the MCU's Black Cat or Spider-Woman. In the end, MJ still served a great purpose as a supporting player and love interest in the trilogy even though she wasn't a superhero. Zendaya also managed to level up the character and she has now become a fan-favorite, especially after what happened in Spider-Man: No Way Home.


Even though MJ didn't become a superhero in the trilogy, the doors are still open for her to transform into a superhero since there's going to be more Spider-Man films that are coming in the MCU and there is still a likelihood for Marvel Studios to set her up on that path. The possibilities are endless and it won't be surprising at the very least if they actually decide for her to become a superhero in the future.

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You can catch Zendaya's latest appearance as MJ on Spider-Man: No Way Home which is still showing in theaters everywhere. You can also check out our streaming guide for the film here.